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  • JeffRob

    I want Ms. McClanahan to be my mommy.

  • Tom

    She always was the smartest one on Golden Girls and her comments just reaffirm that assesment.


    McClanahan is nice though I don’t agree at all with her comparison of Obama to Lincoln.
    Besides being senators from Illinois there’s absolutely nothing in common between those two neither intellectually or when it comes to virtue.
    But by far the smartest and funniest of the girls was Estelle Getty and she had such a good heart to boot in her personal life, the way she took care of her nephew with Aids just endured her even more to me. It just breaks my heart the unfair way in which she’s living her “Golden” years, inflicted by an awful illness herself.
    Just goes to show how unfair life can be sometimes.


    Correction *having both served in Illinois*

  • Paul Raposo

    She’s right about SATC; crap show favoured by soccer moms who think they’re MILFs and gay men who think they’re MILFs.

  • 24play

    It just breaks my heart the unfair way in which Churchill-y’s living her “Golden” years, inflicted by an awful illness: herself.

  • Jay

    Is Rue Mc-Klan-a-han a carpet muncher? She pretended to like men to collect a paycheck? Just like Rosie O’Donnell and Ellen Degenerate? Wow, thanks for the update.

  • Charley

    No. I knew a man she constantly fucked and dated. He broke it off, because she demanded the spotlight 24/7, and pushed him in the background. I thought she was more than 72 though. Anyway, she is great, as long as she doesn’t take up religion.

  • marcus

    I loved The Golden Girls and I loved Sex and City as well. The human ego is amazing how it needs to slam one thing in order to elevate another. Her need to make derogatory comments about some harmless TV show that millions found enjoyable and entertaining says a lot about her personal character.

  • michael

    A few years back when I lived in Nashville Del Shores was the guest of honor, or whatever, at Nashville Pride. He and his boy partner gave a big gay motivational speech after the parade. It made me want to throw up. He lived many years of his adult life married to a woman and had children, then he told how he “came out” and the flood gates of heaven opened for him. He and is twink partner spoke of how fabulous life was for them since coming out. Everything was just a big bed of roses. He touted how he had produced a ground breaking gay TV show, “Queer as Folk” and how his “Sordid Lives” film had just been released and he had just had a commitment ceremony with his new child bride in Malibu. He told a touching story how is Southern Baptist father had blessed his gayness on his deathbed. He sounded like a 2nd rate Hollywood movie. Now I have no problem with people, especially gay people having success in life but the purpose of his speech was to urge people to “come out”. As he proceeded along with his coming out speech and all the promise of a fabulous life, like his, that awaited those who would, I looked around the crowd. I saw guys who bodies and faces were ravaged from living with HIV, probably their reward for coming out in the 80’s, while Mr. Shores was playing Mr.hetero hollywod. I looked at my partner who basically lost his entire family when he came out at 18, how one of his brothers even said he wanted to kill him. I thought of all the people in the crowd who suffered great losses, losses of love, of jobs, of career advancement, of family, because they chose to be true to themselves. I also noticed that the crowd was not impressed by his insensitive condescending, arrogant ,self centered and tacky diatribe Tacky like most of his plays, plays that make fun of southern gay people, like the ones in the audience he was preaching to. So I am happy while the cast of Sex & the City have graduated to block buster movie success that Miss McClanahan has found greater success being part of a horribly tacky, 3rd rate TV series produced by one of Gays most successful coming out stories. How nice for all of us that Shores decided to join our team.

  • Mr. hand

    Hey Michael, I was at that event in Nashville and your right, he was did go over like a lead balloon. He was doing a lot of preaching to a crowd of people who had a lot more gay life experience than he had. hell he was like 50 at the time and had only been out a couple of years? I don’t know where these “celebrity’s” come off thinking they are some sorta “experts” on how we ought to live our lives after they have come out. Its pretty easy once you have a big fat bank account, can buy a young boy toy and your way into the cream of the community. People like him have no clue of what reality really is and have no business telling others how to live their lives.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Looks like fun – too bad none of the cable outlets down here in southeast Florida will show it.

  • jed

    well that looks taxing.

  • egrggr

    I loved The Golden Girls and I loved Sex and City as well.
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  • Karen

    @marcus: What derogatory remark? She said SHE didn’t care for the characters and that SHE couldn’t watch for more than a few minutes. She didn’t say they were all a bunch of worthless actors that weren’t worth anyone’s time.
    Put some balm on that nerve! :)

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