Rufus Wainwright Thankful For Daughter, Sexy Son Would Be Too Hard To Raise

2017709-Rufus-Wainwright-Barry-J.-Holmes-617-409Somewhere between lamenting his career as an openly gay singer and shading his LGBT following, Rufus Wainwright told the UK Times this week that he’s glad he has a daughter, because it would be far more difficult to raise an incredibly sexy son.

“I don’t think it would happen,” he said (phew!), “[it’s just that] when I’m old and he is 35 and gorgeous…Well he would probably look like me. And I would be like, ‘Oh my God! I’m falling in love with myself!”‘

Right, because that’s not exactly what the anti-gay naysayers want to hear. Keep up the progressive work, Rufus!

The 41-year-old went on to say that he’s glad he doesn’t have a large LGBT following because gay men have “terrible taste in music.” He joins other less-successful artists in playing the “being gay hurt my career” card, adding that he believes he would have been more popular in the U.S. if he were “asexual or bisexual.”

[h/t Gay Star News]

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  • boxjelly

    Creepy, narcissistic assessment for not having a son, ok… his career probably didn’t launch cause of his damn gloomy attitude.

  • odawg

    The reason he isn’t bigger is because he’s egotistical, creepy, and unlikable.

  • DistingueTraces

    He’s 41? I’ve always thought of him as being younger than me.

  • jd2222248

    Get over yourself Mary!!! :-)

  • Tackle

    Talk about saying all the wrong things. That bit about being ” glad to have a daughter because it would be far more difficult to raise an incredibly sexy son” was just weird. And I have great taste in music, because I DON’T listen to Rufus.

    And as far as his career being hurt by being gay,problem solved: Since he obviously have some regret, turn in your gay card and be asexual or bisexual.
    You wont be missed. (Sarc)

  • QJ201

    This is the same guy who said that when he was addicted to crystal that while tweaking he thought about sex with children he was watching on TV.

    Rufus never fails to say something awkward.

  • jjose712

    Well, now i understand why Jeremy Irons could say such stupid things if people like Wainwright doesn’t seem to have a clue either.

    He is talented, but his ego is way bigger than his talent. And he doesn’t have a big gay following because he doesn’t have a big following in general.
    His personality is too unlikeable to carry a big fandom

  • onthemark

    He makes Morrissey seem normal.

  • onthemark

    Rufus should confront his self-hating homophobia and try writing a song specifically for the gay market – as he sees it, anyway.

    A dance mix of his hit “OMG I’m Falling In Love With Myself.”

    The refrain keeps flashing out of nowhere (said in a stereotypically lispy voice): “Gay men have terrible taste in music”… “terrible taste in music”… “terrible, terrible taste in music”….

    Fabulous with whatever drug you’re on! If we don’t love him after that, we never will.

  • throwslikeagirl

    Wow. That’s pretty unflattering and neurotic. I always thought he had an outsize ego, and am not a fan because I find his voice whiney, but I had no idea he was such a douche. Sounds like Rupert Everett revisited.

  • boring

    After a million posts on Madonna on Queerty, I’m sorry, I’m going to have to side with Rufus, guys. Get yo shit together.

  • boring

    Real talk though: I don’t listen to Rufus Wainwright, either.

  • Desert Boy

    Wonder why Queerty refuses to cover Joan Rivers illness? Rivers has been a supporter of the gay community for decades. It’s very strange.

  • Doughosier

    Well, no man really has a big gay following. Gay men tend to only like women artists. There are exceptions of course but unless a male performer is sexy, gays won’t be interested.

  • MMDD

    This is why celebrities almost always make poor role models.

  • Justin

    I don’t want to troll but to my ears I find his voice like nails on a chalkboard. I find it difficult to get through 1 or 2 songs without getting a headache. I can’t be the only one. I think that is the reason for his struggle in music. His voice is not easy on the ears.

  • wpewen

    No,quite a few of us gay guys like male singers, most of them probably straight. We also identify with straight males like our friends and fathers, believe it or not. Only difference is our sexual preference. Like Wainwright till this-now I say keep your privileged Connecticut effete ass right there. I’ll stick to John Fogerty here in California, who stood up for the AIDS cause and gays back in 1980’s. He’s straight. Remember Creedence Clearwater Revival?

  • LuckyboyLA

    I used to like him and his music. Had no idea he was gay. Then I found out. OK. Then earlier this year on PBS? saw his One Man Judy Garland recreation of her 1961 Carnegie Hall performance. It was..unusual. Hey, sold out NY, London and here. Not bad for a novelty act, lol. Now this shit. Like I said, I used to like him and his music. Like anyone else, after too much meth, one ought to keep their traps shut even after they get straight. Stupid still falls out.

  • onthemark

    @wpewen: I always liked Michael Stipe of R.E.M. – GAY, though maybe with a bit of asexual tendency (yeah sorry Rufus!) – great mysterious lyrics, tremendous cult following. Kind of a funny looking guy, but a flashy dresser. So if Rufus really needs a gay male role model, I think he doesn’t need to look far.

    As for your suggestion, I saw Fogerty on TV recently and damn, he keeps himself looking good. He was always handsome and seems 20 years younger than what he is now (64?).

  • kevininbuffalo

    I’ve listened to Rufus sing and can’t understand a word of it, maybe that’s good.

  • TriForceKid1013

    So it sounds like he is basically saying he’d want to f–k his son.

  • SFHarry

    His comments reek of desperation for attention

  • michael mellor

    Rufus is correct about gay men having terrible taste in music.

  • michael mellor

    Gay men’s tastes started going downhill when they started buying Kylie and Britney songs. It’s been going downhill ever since.

  • Tackle

    @michael mellor: I’m surprised that YOU did not blame it on Beyonce or Rihanna….

  • onthemark

    @michael mellor: Do tell us what music you listen to!

  • pressuredrop

    Yay, stereotypes.

  • o.codone

    I have a 24 year old and it’s hard not to notice when he goes commando boxers in the morning and I just wanna slap his pouty ass when he stuffs it into jeans. no, this isn’t easy.

  • Cam

    Wainwright has ALWAYS had an ego that was far larger than his talent.

    Combine that with an attitude of his that says that anything he doesn’t like, or that happens to him is somebody else’s fault and the guy is just another rambling douche bitter at the world.

    Remember when he became a drug addict and rather than admitting he couldn’t handle his shit, it was all about how he descended into “Gay Crystal Meth Hell”. Nope, sorry Rufus, you descended into WAINRIGHT Crystal Meth Hell.

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