Rufus Wainwright Welcomes Daughter Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen

Like Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris before him, Rufus Wainwright managed to sneak his new fatherhood beneath your prying eyes. The singer announced on his website that he and partner Jorn Weisbrodt are the proud new fathers of daughter Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen, born Feb. 2. “The little angel is evidently healthy, presumably happy and certainly very very beautiful,” the note reads. “Daddy #1 would like to offer everyone a digital cigar and welcome the little lady in with a French phrase from his favorite folk song, A La Claire Fontaine : ‘Il y a longtemps que je t’aime, jamais je ne t’oublierai.'” A reader relays that Rufus actually dedicated a song to Viva at his sister’s concert last Friday while appearing on stage with Martha, who was performing an Edith Piaf collection, though he didn’t mention at the time who this Viva person was. And the fourth name Cohen? That would belong to Lorca Cohen, who carried Viva and is the daughter of Leonard.