The Sexy Ritual Of Rugby Players Emerging From The Ocean

South Sydney Recovery Session

While fans of rugby tend to focus their attention on what happens on the field, there’s a moment outside the arena that’s often overlooked: the recovery session. The recovery session is a special time in a fan’s life when rugby teams let their players cool down after a tournament or at season’s end. It’s usually accompanied by media, which snap the players relaxing poolside or at the beach. However, the best part of the special training session is when the players emerge from the water, like Greek Gods that they are, recovered, rested and ready for more.

(Let Thomas Burgess — Gorgeous George’s more clothingly-inclined twin brother (center) — and his South Sydney Rabbitohs mates serve as an example for what’s in store.)

After recovering, it’s time to find their way to the shore.

British and Irish Lions Training Session

But first they must break through the waves.

British and Irish Lions Media Session

One eventually makes his way to the water’s edge.

South Sydney Recovery Session

And leads the rest of the pack from the ocean.

British and Irish Lions Media Session

They all come out of the water together.

British and Irish Lions Media Session

Their spirits united.

Melbourne Storm Team Recovery Session

And they take stock in the moment.


However, some go it alone.

Wallabies Recovery Session

Because they want to show off their body.

And then there are those who make their way out of the pool (like a sexier version of Lady In The Water).

And wade calmly through the lanes.

All Blacks Training Session

But there are others who like to make a dramatic exit, err, entrance.

Wallabies Training Session

And then there are those who like to quietly emerge from the shadows of the night.

All Blacks Recovery Session

And while it looks hot, it can sometimes be cold.

Melbourne Storm Recovery Session

But then there are the ones who need you to pull them out.

Melbourne Storm Recovery Session

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