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Rugby Players Strip, Fergie Drops New Jams, “Big Brother” Contestants Freak The F Out Over Trump

How angry are you that the Exeter Chiefs have shirked their duties as professional rugby players to strip down to their skivvies for this 2017 calendar? Order it HERE to exorcise your rage.


However, you probably aren’t opposed to watching gay pop star Brian Justin Crum belt out his new single “Name On You” at the recent Marco Marco show, flanked by muscle guys-pole dancing in their shiny vinyl brieflets.

Is a bouncy Fergie song what the world needs as an antidote to an insanely bleak week? Well, not really — but here we are.

Want to watch a roomful of Big Brother contestants transform into puddles of nausea, anxiety, and blubbering fear? Easy. Just let them know Trump will be President:

Curious what a new Bananarama song might sound like? You’re in luck — they’re working on two:

NEW MATERIAL?Work in progress? 'Looking for Someone'

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