Rugby Star, Equality Ally Ben Cohen Launches StandUp Magazine

Rugby champion and equality ally Ben Cohen is the cover model on the debut issue of StandUp Magazine, a publication furthering Cohen’s campaign to tackle bullying with positive stories about the social impact of sports.

Cohen, who is nominated for both Top Jock and Straight Crush at the 2012 Queerties, will appear at the magazine’s launch event on November 14 in Atlanta. “It is time to celebrate a return to true sportsmanship and the spirit of fairness at its core,” says the all-star athlete. “As sports role models, we have an incredible opportunity with StandUp Magazine to set an example for character in action, celebrating all sports and creating good on and off the field.”

November 14 is also StandUp Day, in memory of Cohen’s father, who was tragically killed on November 14, 2000, trying to break up a fight.

The 2012 CompeteSports Diversity Awards and StandUp Magazine launch party takes place November 14 at Twelve Atlantic Station in Atlanta.