Signs Himself To Prove It

Rugger Ben Cohen Loves Your Balls

Ben Cohen treats his homos right. The straight rugby player popped into a gay sex shop in London to sign copies of his calendar and fight for testicular freedom:

The 29-year-old former Northampton Saints winger chose Prowler in Soho to hold a signing for his new calendar, which commemorates his 2007-2008 testimonial year.

Proceeds from the calendar will raise money for Orchid Charity Trust, which aims to fight testicular cancer, and the Northamptonshire Air Ambulance Service.

When asked what they thought of a straight sports star courting his gay fanbase in this way, Prowler shoppers were very positive about the move.

“I think it’s fantastic. For a sportsman to do this for gay fans, I think is brilliant and many more should follow. As society gets more and more tolerant, more sports stars should come out and support us – because we support them,” said rugby fan Paul from Brighton, who was at the signing.

No word on how many tacky queens offered to check Cohen’s balls for lumps. Our bet: no less than three.