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Ruling DADT Unconstitutional Doesn’t Mean Gay Soldiers Are Willing To Show Their Faces

Last night Rachel Maddow once again turned her television program into a piece of homosexual propaganda. She was just yearning for the Department Of Justice to declare whether or not it would appeal the “DADT is unconstitutional” ruling out of California, which, c’mon, we all know they will. Except not appealing the ruling “doesn’t have to be” an inevitability, claims Maddow. “You can either end” Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, or “you can stop saying you will.” Now let’s get to the shadow interviews!

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  • the crustybastard

    [Deep breath]

    Well, given that:
    (a) the commander-in-chief imagines it’s perfectly sensible to resurrect the gay ban in court in order to beat it to death in Congress, and;
    (b) Congressional Democrats can’t be bothered to beat it to death, which didn’t really matter that much; because
    (c) the so-called “repeal bill” neither repealed the ban, nor
    (d) did it contain any anti-discrimination language; because
    (e) our good friends, the Democrats, have lined up pretty squarely alongside Republicans in inventing and perpetuating, in some form or other, this and other unconstitutional and outrageous antigay legislation; because
    (f) promising to do something about fixing the problem keeps the gays voting Democrat just as well as actually fixing the problem; meaning
    (g) in the BizzarroWorld of gay politics, a dead ball is still in play; therefore
    (h) it’d be pretty stupid for a servicemember to come out at this point and spike the ball on the one yard line.

    Done in one sentence. Ta-da!

  • Joe in Savannah

    So far as I can tell, the President, and Secretary Gates’ only concern with her ruling is that the Pentagon has yet to finish it’s study, and they believe that Congress should be the body to lift the ban. However, I see it like this:

    The DOJ has 60 days from the date of the ruling to issue an appeal or not. In my opinion, the argument that the Pentagon has yet to complete it’s study is a mute one. The study is slated to end December 1. The ruling was made October 12. That gives the DOJ until December 11th to make it’s ruling. This also gives the Pentagon 10 days to look at the results of its study and then make a ruling. They cannot dare say that that is not long enough, because We pay them, quite well I might add, and 10 days is enough time to analyze date, most of which they already have, and if they were run effectively, would already be analyzing. The survey to the troops ended MONTHS ago, so they should already have everything they need from that. The survey to the service members families is ether finished or just about to wrap up, so they should have that information soon as well. So, like I said, for them to claim that the ruling shouldn’t stand because they haven’t completed their study isn’t an effective arguement.

    And if the Obama administration wants to deliver on it’s promises to repeal DADT, then I suggest that they let the ruling stand, because if they do not, Congress most likely will not have the votes to repeal the law. He said on the campaign trail that thats what he wanted to do. He said in his state of the union speach that thats what he was going to do. And his Press Secretarty, Robert Gibbs, also gave a one word answer, when asked whether or not Obama was going to repeal the law, and his answer was, “Yes”.

  • Brutus

    Just out of curiosity, Queerty — suppose Obama steps in and tells DOJ not to file an appeal.

    Will you post something positive? Or will you post a retrospective piece about how shameful it is that he didn’t do this two years ago and he’s just bowing to the almighty force of GetEQUAL and the Log Cabin Republicans?

  • AndrewW

    Just two days after that dramatic (and childish) Miami protest of DADT by the GetEQUAL clowns, the White House announced they would be appealing the DADT Injunction.

    Bigger banners next time? More weather balloons? Better megaphones?

    We applied faux “pressure” and the White House responded. We were punished for this juvenile protest that was intended to “embarrass” Obama. Instead of being embarrassed he simple said “fu*k you” LGBT community. Great job GetEQUAL.

    We can only what’s next from these attention-whores:

    Bombs? Missiles? Hijacking planes?

    GetEQUAL continues to harm the LGBT Community with their childish antics. I hope they run out of money, before we run out of friends.

  • the crustybastard


    So you believe that the DADT appeal was filed in retaliation for the actions of a handful of protestors? And that somehow makes GetEQUAL look bad?


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