Rumor Has It: Overheard In L.A.

Our spies were out on the town, eavesdropping on Johnny Hazzard after his big win at the GAYVN Awards:

“Johnny was really excited, telling someone about how Wrong Side Of The Tracks won a bunch of awards, like for Best Actor, and Best Director. And then he said ‘And it won Best Picture! It was just like Crash!'”

Leave it to the porn stars to always dream “big” in every sense of the phrase. Of course, we would have thought he’d see more similarities with Brokeback Mountain, but who are we to qualify another’s logic? And to be fair we haven’t seen his film yet; and does say that fans of Tracks might also like Black Balled and Tighty Whities, so perhaps racial relations are of more significance than one might presume. There are many “whities” that can be tight besides just underwear, you know.

On that note: we can’t wait to see Memoirs Of A Gaysha, which will undoubtedly make some Gaysian an adult-film sensation. If it’s not being made yet, it should be. It’s like money in the bank.