Rumsfeld Calls Muslim A Sissy

According to a report from the US Army, US Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld authorized Al Gharib-style abuse at Guantanamo Bay, including various “torture” tactics of a gay nature.

When questioning Mohammed al-Kahtani about Sept. 11, apparently Rummie told interrogators to force Kahtani to wear women’s underwear, call him a homosexual, and perform dog tricks on a leash.

At this juncture we should say while we are interested in this story, it’s not exactly a big surprise that the Army partakes in some twisted business. The main reason we’re mentioning this on Queerty, honestly, is because we’ve always wanted to link to a story on Al Jazeera, so they can track back and see us. And here it is. So click away, please. Hi, Al Jazeera. Thanks for all the pro-gay love.

Shoutout to the A to the L to Jazizzle [Al Jazeera]