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‘Runway’ Fan Wants Jack Back!

Jack Mackenroth’s Project Runway martyrdom doesn’t sit well with one fan, who’s started an online petition calling for the designer’s return:

Jack Mackenroth was hospitalized for 5 days with the superbug known as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and needed intravenous antibiotics around the clock.

Jack has since made a full recovery but left Project Runway due to illness instead of elimination. This petition is an effort to show support and convince the producers of the show to allow Jack to return for the competition next season.

Will Runway producers heed the public’s call? There has to be a public call, first, so head on over and show your support.

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  • abelincoln

    Whoever he is, I’m glad he’s all better and stuff but is he somebody we should care about otherwise? Isn’t he just another celebutard?

  • Tim

    I love Jack. He is a great designer and a better person. Rock on Jack. I’m signing.

  • Gregg

    Going back on the show would be a step backward for him, in my opinion.

    I like Jack and I enjoy watching him, but he had his shot. He has subsequently parlayed his TV appearance into a good amount of publicity for himself and has surely helped move his career forward, as well as helped to give another human face to gay issues. I say congrats and move on with what will surely be bigger and better things.

    (And if he and Dale need a third, give me a ring!)

  • hells kitchen guy

    some people have waaaaay too much time on their hands. (Like commenters on blogging sites???)

  • judes

    Um, isn’t the show taped months in advance??

  • Ash

    Ha, you beat me to it, judes! My thoughts exactly, so the petition just seems, well, useless.

  • Gregg

    @ Ash and judes: I thought the same thing at first, but if you look at the article, it’s a petition to bring him back NEXT season.

  • Allen

    Kinda like Daniel Franco, but Jack has talent.

    Franco has bliss.

    or something like that.

  • Jim

    If there IS a next season. Right now I’m more than a little skeptical about that.

  • Cary

    Why bring him back? I felt he should’ve been elimitated (ala Keith Michel of Season 3) for copying the pattern of his shorts for the Tiki Barber outfit. Huh? Isn’t most of his experience in men’s wear? If he’s got to rip up his shorts to figure out the design for pants, he doesn’t have the know-how to compete on Project Runway, let alone finish in the top 3. Hit the road, Jack!

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