Runway‘s Rami Slashed In Bar Fight!

West Hollywood’s apparently not all happy and gay. From a reader:

Not sure exactly what started it, but last night at The Abbey in West Hollywood, last season Project Runway runner-up Rami Kashou was on the receiving end of a martini glass to the face.

After a brief scuffle, the guy who threw the glass was dragged out by security and Rami, drenched from head to toe in blood, left by ambulance.

Yow. That sounds terrible. Could this alleged attacker be a contender for cold bitches 3? Hitting someone with a martini glass is straight up icy.

In the meantime, anyone have more information?


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  • BamaGUY

    OMG… poor Rami, he is so handsome and talented and NICE. I hope he had a good plastic surgeon take care of him. And I hope the guy who did it gets jail time.

  • steve

    i was there and it was crazy. it was not that crowded and there seemed to be no drama. all the sudden we heard a crash of broken glass turned around and saw rami bleeding. no idea what started it. the two then started yelling at each other and the guy left . when rami said he was going to press charges, security ran after him . the guy who attacked him was running down robertson blvd and security dragged him back. the police cam and arrested him while rami was taken away in an ambulance.there was a lot of blood that was cleaned up and everyone went back to what they were doing after about 30 min. the was spending the evening with a friend from work who had told me moments before that this was her first time at a gay bar. i hope it’s not her last. too much drama !

  • Tina

    This is the bad side of being popular and successful. I heard the story too and the guy was a drunk jealous insecure madman – an angry person that projected his rage on Rami.
    I feel terrible for Rami. The jerk is in jail on $40,000 bail.

  • Okaaaaayyyyyy

    The question is, now that he was caught in The Abbey, is Rami coming out?

    I really need a gay Palestinian to be out. Please…….

  • alex

    Rami was already out. His partner was on the finally of Project Runway with him.

  • a

    I was there too! It was awful, I was outside and all of sudden this guy came running out of the back area of the Abbey and a couple of guys grabbed him and ripped his shirt. POOR RAMI – he came out shortly after and was bleeding everywhere, one of the security guys actually said ‘Dude dont bleed on me” Come on – the poor guy looked worse than a martini glass hit him!! It looked like he was punched in the face as he was gushing blood from his nose too – they were pressing ice on his face and having him lean back and the blood kept gushing – it was awful!!

  • CondeNasty

    Rami is out. I saw him once at the “Truckstop” party that Robert Valin hosts at the “the Park” once a month in NYC. There is a picture of Robert and Rami at the website. Rami is a sweet guy this is terrible.

  • PeterW

    The Abbey has hit a new low. It’s gotten too trashy. I’ll never go back there now with all this violence.
    I wish the best for Rami. He is a nice guy.

  • RPCV

    Rami probably made a hit on the guy; probably brushed his hand across the guy’s ass…. Rami deserved it…….

  • steven

    Rami did no such thing you stupid moron…and for your info, which you apparently don’t have any, the thug attacker was a evil vicious gay guy.

    I hope Rami gets better and the jerkoff stays in jail where he belongs.

  • Hephaestion

    this Abbey place sounds like a place i’ll be sure to avoid when i go to LA

  • Friend of the Boxer not Slasher

    First of all the person who started this all was Rami. Why you say? All because my friend did not know who Rami was. Not all of us are fans of Project Runway………. Sorry Rami but I did not even know who you were and as a matter of fact I still dont know who you are. Are you gonna tackle me down too and call me a spik cuz thats exactly happen people if you must know…………obviously it wasnt a gay bashing cuz the Abbey is a gay bar as a matter of fact. If anything it was hate crime against my friend who happens to be Latino or in the words of Rami “a Spik”. So thats how this whole ridiculous thing started………So Rami get off your high horse and dont take it so personal when people dont know who you are………..BTW people all Rami had was a scrape on his forhead and a bloodynose. No slice to his face and definetly no broken nose. So you need no time to recover. If thats the case then I cut myself shaving my legs today. Should I call the paramedic and take time off work? LOL

  • Mike

    Hey “Friend of the Boxer not Slasher”
    The truth is what matters in the end, not your bullshit lies to try protect your thug “friend.” I was at the Abby that night.
    Rami did nothing to provoke such an attack. I saw it with my own eyes. The thug looked very drunk, high and angry.
    The cops arrested the drunk, not Rami. The drunk went to jail, not Rami. Rami certainly did not call the drunk any racial slurs. What a silly desperate attempt to spin the truth.
    It was also confirmed that Rami’s nose was broken. Other witnesses and myself saw Rami covered in blood when he left.
    Nobody deserves an attack like that.

  • Miguel

    Um… Mr Boxer friend.. I am mexican and happen to know Rami, you are clearly trying to cover up for your friend with nothing but failed lies.. Rami is the most diverse, kind, and humble person I know. He has been known for years for the art he creates.. He certainly doesn’t care whether people recognize him or not. Friends of mine were at the Abbey that evening and told me they saw your insane friend attack Rami after pouring beer over his head.. The whole crowd overheard him yelling at Rami telling him he’s nothing but a has been loser.. So “nice try”.. but there were too many “REAL” witnesses who go to the Abbey regularly and actually care about the well being of their neighborhood streets and bars.. Go sell your crazy somewhere else..

  • suz cowdrey

    Oh my gosh. I just read this and I guess it happened a few months ago. I sure hope Rami is OK now. He’s so talented and I suspect that his celebrity is what made him a target. I can’t think of anyone who would wish Rami anything but good things. He is such a handsome man and so sweet and nice. I feel so bad for him. I’m a big fan of his and wish him well. As for the person who cut herself shaving her legs, why don’t you try shaving your face and neck in the dark, maybe we’ll get lucky and be rid of people like you who think this is funny.

  • silly

    This is all bull. None of u moron losers were actually there wjen guía reality dpuchbag approached my friends table & called him a nobody & a drunk spik then walking away laughing. He deserved a beat down & reality check.

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