Runway’s Ricky On Being Tear Stricken

Ricky Lizalde captured some hearts as Project Runway‘s resident cry baby this season. AfterElton caught up with Ricky recently and got the poop on his slick histrionics: “…I think I was discovering things and allowing people to see who I am. I sort of put myself out there, and when I’m disappointed in myself and at how I don’t produce, or when I’m under pressure, instead of getting angry or ugly, I just take it internally. And in order to get it out, that’s how I expressed it, instead of biting of someone’s head off. It was just my way of dealing with my frustration.” Much, much better than decapitation, yes. [AfterElton]

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  • mozzer13

    Here’s a way to deal with frustration: burn those fugly hats.

  • Chrissie Chang

    Better to be a crybaby than a spiteful bitch like Christian.Tis`best to watch him until he sinks himself to Bobby Trendy disaster levels.

  • justin bright

    I sorta liked how he made his prom date’s dress. Christian is the real star on that show. Week in and week out he’s had the most consistent performance.

  • DavidDust

    “Señor Weepy” was a Hot Mess, but he still came across as sweet and loveable.

  • Peter

    “burn those fugly hats”

    Amen. He looks like he should be the conductor of the Astroglide Express. All aboard, Mary. Also? After all that blubbering, he didn’t shed a tear when he got cut!!!

    Christian is bitchy, but hilarious and quite talented.

  • Woof

    Best Christian line, “She was the fiercest person I have ever met and I have met some fierce bitches up in my life.”

  • SeaFlood

    Christian is sometimes too bitchy for me.

    I liked Ricky. I wish he would have lost the hat and displayed his awesome butt and beautiful face more. Also, I wish he would have figured out what was going on more and taken criticism. He was always so gung-ho about whatever he was doing that he couldn’t acknowledge any bells and whistles. I mean… he should have made his last outfit out of gold and he would have figured out NOT to make a bathing suit!!!

    Eh… poor Ricky. I will miss him. But I am SO… I dunno who’s going to make the final three. I wish next week was not a double elimination — I wish they were doing it one-one-three final.

  • thatguyfromboston

    where would one go to purchase hats like that anyway?

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