Are Coke-Fueled Orgies Solely The Realm Of Rappers?

Rup: Being Gay Kept Me Sane

Relatively scandal free Rupert Everett credits his homosexuality with keeping him grounded. Had he not done dudes, says the 48-year old actor, he’d be a drug addicted maniac who “fucks everything that moves”:

It’s just as well I’m gay.

If I was straight, I’d be a hopeless mad movie star who fucks everything that moves. That’s what I’d be like – married to every single girl that I’d worked with, on wife number 10 by now, always being sued for divorce because I’d been caught with two chicks somewhere.

Or I’d be like a rapper – three girls at the same time, coke, orgies, yachts. I would be a monster, actually. I’d have to be competitive on a lad level with all those other male movie stars.

Rappers sound sort of gay…