RuPaul Drag Race Recap: The Fur Flies at The Bitch Ball


Let’s face it: the only one who gained something last week was Phi Phi O’Hara: While homegirl walked away with a free trip to Las Vegas, the rest of us had to sit through a non-episode where Kenya Michaels came and went faster than you can say “La Tranzzzz-Pear.” Please. Let’s get down the business.

And by business, I mean decorating puppets. Before the memory of that glitter-tastic bear challenge could fully escape our minds, RuPaul brings out that damned craft table again. Another week of this thing, and I’m going to start a charity walk-a-thon to have it exiled to a farm upstate. That way, it can run free with other terrible ideas and never bother the mini-challenges or us ever again.

But at least this one isn’t just about decoration. The girls are going to have a bitch fest—with puppets. Meaning they take a puppet that resembles one of the other girls from a prop glory hole (Drag Race is known for its tact and subtly), dress it up in drag and then riff off some insults. It’s similar to the reading challenge but with a hint of Avenue Q.

Sharon’s puppet of Chad Michaels looks like a burn victim. She delivers a few funny lines, mostly just yells about how hard it is to get a cigarette.

Latrice covers her Sharon puppet completely in black and then drops a bunch of f-bombs. Meh. Not her best.

Chad Michaels makes a Phi Phi puppet with a protruding snaggletooth, comments on her reusing a wig, and then offers this advice: “Maybe you could get the help to help you out.”

Done and done.

Phi Phi, as much as it hurts me to type nice things about her, got a good laugh when she had the jewelry of her Larice puppet come crashing mid-sentence (referencing her main stage jewelry malfunction). It’s still one of my favorite moments of the season, so I’ll take any excuse to see it replayed.

RuPaul calls Chad Michaels  the winner of the mini challenge. A fair decision, I’ll admit.