You Have to Read This Interesting Interview with RuPaul for Paper Magazine

In a newly published interview for Paper Magazine, RuPaul has a very interesting heart-to-heart discussion with “punk forefather” Henry Rollins. The two kiki about RuPaul’s career, childhood, his fans and so much more in this must read interview. Plus, RuPaul’s personal makeup artist Mathu Andersen has provided an amazing portrait of Ru to accompany the interview (see below).

RuPaul Paper Magazine Portrait Black and White Mathu Andersen Photography
Image Credit: Mathu Andersen

Here’s a sneak peak of the full interview:

[quote]Who are some of the people who have been an inspiration to your career?
I grew loving David Bowie, Diane Ross, and Cher. I loved them for thair revolutionary spirits and groundbreaking careers. When I got older, I didn’t need those types of role models anymore — I had to become my own role model. The only person I was in competition was with myself.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your career?
The biggest obstacle that I’ve ever overcome in my life was staying interested in what I do. I have to entertainment myself and stay interested because the worst thing that can ever happen to a free thinker is to not be interested on whats going on.”[/quote]

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