RuPaul: "If I Never Did Drag Again, Honestly, I Really Wouldn't Care"

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We recently came across this video from an episode of OWN TV’s ‘Where Are They Now?’ from November 2013 in which RuPaul had some pretty interesting things to say. His comment about his drag career was particularly surprising…[quote]

I know, it’s interesting because I got into drag not because I love drag. In fact, if I never did drag again, honestly, I really wouldn’t care. It’s not my passion.”


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This is a shocking statement, especialy coming from the drag queen that most drag queens love and admire for his contributions to the drag community.

“The only time you will ever see me in drag is when I am what? Getting paid,” RuPaul continues, “It is my job. But drag, in doing it, has taught me that you’re born naked and the rest is drag. Everybody is in drag.”

While we do understand where Ru is coming from, now we’d really really like to know what his real passion is if it isn’t drag…

RuPaul on ‘Where Are They Now?’ – OWN