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RuPaul reacts to incredible news that “Drag Race” scored EIGHT Emmy nominations

“I want to thank the Academy for honoring the entire cast and crew of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ my family at World of Wonder, and our champions at VH1. It takes a village, people! Their creativity and dedication to telling the stories of our brave and talented queens never ceases to amaze, amuse and inspire.”–RuPaul, in a statement responding to Drag Race’s impressive eight Emmy nominations, including outstanding reality competition and outstanding reality competition host.

Here’s some of the reaction on Twitter:

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  • Spike

    “I don’t think drag will ever truly be mainstream, because of everything that our culture holds dear. Drag’s whole purpose is to mock society; to call out hypocrisy.” – Rupaul

    You can’t get more mainstream than 8 Emmy nominations.

    • man5996853

      Actually, you can.

  • Richard 55

    RuPaul needs to go away. Maybe he will lose street cred with his 8 noms. Good.

    The Emmys should have nominated shows about male homosexuality, not men dressing up as freakish women. Are the Emmys afraid of male homosexuality in its masculine form?

  • Xzamilloh

    8 noms for the sh*t show that was Season 9??? Uunreal!!! If any season truly deserved Emmy recognition, it would be Season 4, 5, or 6. Whatever… good on you, Ru.

    • Spike

      Exactly THIS. Emmy’s just jumping on the politically correct bandwagon rather than giving the award for production and content. Season 9 was a hot mess.

  • ScottOnEarth

    It’s politically-correct to nominate shows like “Drag Race” but still nice that RuPaul is getting the recognition he deserves as the maverick he really is. BUT, I hate that Drag is now slipping into the mainstream. So boring.

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