RuPaul to Answer Fan Question For a Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' Event

RuPaul 1990s Red Gloves Drag Race Facebook

This Wednesday, September 17, RuPaul will be answering fan questions in a Reddit-hosted ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) event. Being the huge fan of RuPaul that we know you are,now would be the time to learn to use Reddit if you haven’t done so already.

Starting at 6pm EDT (3pm PDT), RuPaul will begin answering questions submitted by Reddit users in a thread on the sub-Reddit called “IAmA.” RuPaul will be given an unlimited amount of time to field as many questions as he desires. Often, people will answer questions in AMA events based on the order they are received, however, we expect that there will be such an overwhelming amount of questions received that he will only be able to answer a few choice questions (so get there early, hunty!).

Our prediction about the most-asked question: WDWD? (What did Willam do?) We still want to know what really happened to get him kicked off of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4!

Want to ask RuPaul a question but not sure how to use Reddit? Watch the five minute breakdown below and check out the AMA with Pandora Boxx from July to get a good example of how this sort of event works.

What is Reddit?

Heads up! For those of you who have never used Reddit, we offer a few words of caution: The users on Reddit, although they often help to find and compile amazing content, can sometimes take cyber bullying to the extreme behind their anonymous usernames. It’s an amazing and terrible place all at the same time.