Queen Fracker

RuPaul seemingly admits to fracking on his ranch

RuPaul looking surprised

RuPaul may have just stepped in something bad.

The Emmy-winning reality host suggested to NPR’s Terry Gross that he leases mineral rights for his Wyoming/South Dakota ranch to fracking companies. RuPaul owns the ranch with his husband, Georges LeBar.

Gross asked if Ru & Georges raise cattle or horses on the ranch. RuPaul suggested, in the contemporary era, ranches have a different function. “Well, a modern ranch,” RuPaul told Gross, “21st-century ranch, is really land management. It is – you lease the mineral rights to oil companies. And you sell water to oil companies. And then you lease the grazing rights to different ranchers. So it’s land management. Yeah.”

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NPR listeners didn’t take the news lightly. “‘RuPaul is fracking’ is exactly as impossible for my brain to parse as ‘Elizabeth Warren holocaust tattoo’ and yet both are true and both will be forgotten completely by next Sunday,” said user Six Rats in a Trenchcoat.

“I love how RuPaul admitting to fracking is like, only the eighth craziest thing to happen today,” user Patient Zero OnlyFans tweeted.

Fracking involves extracting hydrocarbons from minerals like shale to create petrochemicals suitable for synthesizing gasoline or other fossil fuel products. The practice has attracted criticism for environmental concerns, including poisoning of groundwater, causing earthquakes, and contributing to climate change.

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