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  • BiL

    I love all of Ru’s freckles!

  • bledoutcolor

    If by amazing you mean skeletal.

    Inb4 screams of cyber bullying: just my opinion. Don’t wanna hurt feelings or anything but they’re not good pics. And he looks like hes had just a *smidge* too much work done.

    If by smidge you mean it looks like Ru crossed the uncanny valley, built a homestead on it, and started charging RENT.

  • Bozen

    I love Ru.

    But I wonder if that’s facial wasting we’re seeing as opposed to work. Not that it’s any of my business about his status in the first place, but you know….people postulate.

  • bledoutcolor

    Hmm hadn’t thought of that. His eyes do look kinda gaunt. So yea…now I feel bad. Good job lol. But I’m sure ru has had work. I mean…considering his profession I don’t see how he wouldn’t have lol. Either way, don’t quit the day job ru. And keep the powder, it certainly makes you look much younger (and healthier).

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    RuPaul is ALWAYS out of drag except on RPDR on the judging panel portion on TV. Even in the workroom, he’s in boy not drag. Last week he was not in drag either at the NNN awards. It would be actually SHOCKING to see him in drag any other time but on the show or performing.

    He’s very thin, and yes had surgeries he’s openly discussed. He also tweets photos of himself all the time, including at the ranch in Wyoming.
    LA April 8:
    NNN Awards last week:

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