RuPaul Should Have “Sashay-ed Away” At Sydney Mardi Gras

RuPaul kills it every week on her TV show but she should’ve been made to lip-synch for her life after her lackluster performance at Sydney Mardi Gras on Saturday, according to Down Under blog SameSame.

Alone on the giant stage at midnight in the Royal Hall of Industries, RuPaul badly mimed her song “Supermodel,” then departed, leaving her back-up dancers to perform the theme of Drag Race by themselves.

“She looked bored and mimed her own song badly, not caring if she stopped ‘singing’ while the main vocals on the song kept going,” said a party punter who witnessed the carnage. She even told the crowd “Happy Pride!”

SameSame claims those working on the performance, “were yesterday muttering about how hard she was to work with, with creative tussles ending in her refusal to be on stage with any of the back-up dancers.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Ru has acted the diva.

Apparently the Supermodel of the World gave a more riveting performance later in the evening at the Forum. So at least we know she can still bring it—when she wants to.