A Behind-The-Scenes Look at RuPaul’s Podcast "What’s The Tee?"

The world of audio leaves a lot up to the imagination, so getting a visual behind-the-scenes look at something that you’re only used to hearing is always interesting!

If you’ve ever listened to RuPaul‘s podcast “What’s The Tee?”, you probably have some sort of image in your mind about where they’re recording it. For me, I pictured them sitting on wooden stools in a large dark recording studio, a dim yellow light coming from above, dark grey soundproofing covering the walls and professional radio-style microphones dangling in front of them. Boy was I wrong.

In a recent vlog by YouTuber Rachael Ballinger, we finally get a visual behind-the-scenes look at where RuPaul and Michelle record! (And no, it’s not a dimly lit soundproofed recording studio.)

Watch the full vlog below.

[learn_more caption=”SPOILER ALERT: Click to view spoiler photo”]rupaul michelle visage whats the tee podcast behind the scenes miranda sings episode[/learn_more]

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In addition to this new visual for RuPaul’s podcast, we are also given a sneak peak of an upcoming episode in which YouTuber Miranda Sings joins as a special guest!

What was the image you created in your head for the podcast? Leave a comment below and let us know!