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  • parker

    This show sucks, and not in a good way. I hate that they got rid of Tammy Brown, the only funny one. The contests are dumb and not a bit funny. Everyone looks as if they learned their makeup skills at Ringling Brothers Clown College, it’s clown drag. Why the double elimination? It was a bad idea. Also, what’s up Michelle’s get-ups? They are whore-ible. Ru should ditch that stupid Santino for someone who is impartial.

    I don’t think I’m going to watch anymore.

  • hamoboy

    Manila was pulled back by Latrice. Latrice is fierce, just not in the same way that Manila is. Standing next to Manila, she looked extremely unpolished, and I’m sure had there been a live performance-type challenge, Latrice would have made Manila look very one-note and wooded. Manila should have teamed up with Pandora, a fellow camp Queen, and maybe Latrice would have used her large-and-in-chargeness to reign in Mimi’s psycho ways.

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