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‘Drag Race’ Aired The Best Episode Ever. But Did It Go Too Far?

The “Snatch Game” episode of Rupaul‘s Drag Race is usually the most important competition of each series. This week’s episode was arguably the best “Snatch Game” in the history of the show, perhaps the best episode ever, with snappy performances by almost everyone in the cast.

Let’s discuss the three most important issues of the hour (and obviously there are episode spoilers in this post):

1) BenDeLaCreme solidified her place in the lead. DeLa’s character: Maggie Smith. The result: inspired, sophisticated and funny, and she won thanks to a fully developed character with an extra sprinkling of quick witted humor.


DeLa’s facial gymnastics alone was worth the win, contorting herself into the floppy jowls of an English matriarch who has so much loose skin on her face she almost can’t get words out of her mouth. That’s some mad acting skillz. She doesn’t have the affronting charm of Bianca Del Rio, or the marketable talent of Courtney Act, but DeLa is a rock-solid comprehensive performer and she knows how to make the best of what she’s got. That’s what makes a winner.

The editors have tried a few times to create subplots with clips of her looking nervous, as if she (gasp!) isn’t going to be able to succeed this week. Maybe this week she’ll finally encounter something she can’t do! Maybe this week she’s not going to snap out of character and show her true self! Be brave, DeLa! Be brave!

Of course it’s all fluff to create drama, and to paint her as an underdog so viewers will root for her more. It doesn’t work. DeLa is obviously intelligent, and she planned everything she needs to do for each challenge before she walked in the door the first day. Her Maggie Smith makeup was so intricate, obviously she practiced it and had it ready to go despite her on-camera claims that she was scared because doesn’t “do impersonations.” Yeah, right. Nice try, bitch. See you in the Final 3.

2) BenDeLaCreme isn’t really winning yet, because of Bianca Del Rio. Bianca’s character: Judge Judy. The result: hilarious and perfect, and she could do an entire episode on her own.

When Bianca is on her game, she kills it.

I’ve been waiting for this moment from Bianca. In the past few episodes, she’s tossed some tepid one-liners, and her runway looks have been good, but Bianca’s best moments come from when she’s not “trying.” Her chats with fellow cast members are her best bits, while many of her actual one-liner “insult jokes” fall flat; finally, this week her performance was effortless and full of energy, and it begged for a chance to show more. Like DeLa, Bianca also showed up prepared to fight for this competition, and her character this week was obviously meticulously planned.

On to something more serious…

3) Trinity. Besides her being far too insecure to even be interesting anymore, shall we discuss Trinity K. Bonet’s admission that she has HIV? It started out inspiring: She wants to be an example of not letting the virus hold you back from doing what you want to do. Well-said.

But then she explained—and this is paraphrasing, not her exact words—that she is healthy, and having HIV “isn’t even a disease,” and she just takes her Vitamin E, her Omega-3 oil, and her little HIV pill, and she’s fine. Life goes on. People with HIV do live normal lives now, with their life expectancy just about the equal of people without HIV.

This may be how Trinity deals with it, but it is also where Gilead, one of Logo’s sponsor, becomes a concern. We in the U.S. are bombarded relentlessly with ads about the power of HIV medications, showing how HIV is not a big deal; just take a “little pill” and everything will be fine.

Trinity neglected to mention that her “little pill” that she takes with her morning vitamin is rather expensive. This NPR story gets more specific in explaining the financial costs of the virus, including how treatment ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 per month. She most likely gets it for free—perhaps via health insurance, perhaps from the government funded AIDS Drug Assistance Program.

HIV infection rates are increasing. More people will contract HIV this year than did last year. To be fair, Logo does run condom ads, but this episode missed an opportunity to remind people about the need to play safe. The editors of this show choose what they want to put in each episode, from hours of interview footage, and they could have left that “little pill” sentence out. But they didn’t.

 P.S. Gia Gunn was sent home after lip-syncing against Laganja Estranja but nobody gives a damn.

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  • alphang

    I thought Trinity had a beautiful moment sharing her story on tonight’s episode. The way I read it was that she was trying to “normalize” it as much as possible, to not make the whole thing a boo-hoo situation and have the other contestants feel bad for her and such. I think you read way into it but…whatever.

  • HirsuteOne

    Did we just watch the same show? I don’t understand this headline. How did the show go “too far?” The insinuation that the shows editors used an HIV story to appease their sponsors or because the HIV+ person told their story according to their own truth?

    The bullying aspect about Trinity’s speech and the half-baked explanation that it was about Ru seemed more specious than anything else. That, and Laganja’s megalomania melodrama.

    Also, the hyperbole “Best Episode Ever” is hardly accurate. It was a good episode, but once again, six seasons in and only a few queens nailed the Snatch Game. They need a reunion special Snatch Game with all the past contestants who nailed their characters. That would be good TV.

    Oh, and good riddance to the one who was sent packing.

  • gneissghai

    “Gilead also sells HIV tests you can use at home, in case you want to test someone before having unprotected sex, even though those tests have six month “window periods” when using them on HIV+ people won’t work. But shhhhhhhhhhh don’t put that on Logo!”

    Wow! Preachy, condescending and a lie! Multiple Gilead commercials have mentioned the 3 month window, not 6 as you stated. They have not hidden the fact and you misrepresenting that does a disservice to the gay community. I really don’t understand the need to slam a drag queen on a show for not announcing a full dissertation on the financial, political and global ramifications of HIV, instead of seeing a person who is simply trying to live their life and try to reclaim some sense o normalacy in a world were people with HIV are still looked at as dirty or less than.

  • HirsuteOne


    “… instead of seeing a person who is simply trying to live their life and try to reclaim some sense o normalacy in a world were people with HIV are still looked at as dirty or less than.”

    Bravo and well said.

  • Michael

    Way to go Queerty!!!! Thanks for wrecking the finale of the episode. Whatever YOU may think of Drag Race, some of us enjoy watching it each week and enjoying the suspense of who will be eliminated!!!!!!!!!! Effing Idiots!!!!!!!!

  • Snapper59

    Why not have a separate post about the HIV issue and just stick to a show rundown?
    I loved when Milk came out as workroom RuPaul. The editing made it look like Ru was angry but in the critique she and Michelle were praising it. Milk is still a very weak contestant overall and they’re getting angry he won’t do glamorous.

    Maggie Ben delaCreme’s line “A citrus flavored libation!! Can you imagine!!?” was everything.

  • ladnek

    Wow. The show went too far because Trinity isn’t ashamed and living with self-hatred? Queerty needs to get rid of you hiv phobic ass. You have people like RuPaul and Trinity spreading awareness to fight the disease and the recapper here is spreading ignorance and queerty is allowing him too. This is a gay site you should be embarrassed for yourself.

  • Snapper59

    Laganja is a passive agressive mental case that they all see through, coming out with a 3 foot macrame hat on her head then playing the little tortured butterfly. Bianca: “Get over it. It’s a drag queen competition. One step up from prison.”

  • retrofit71

    An official ‘fuck you’ to Sven Peterson the writer of this article for his rude and ignorant views on HIV.. So what, someone deals with their diagnosis by ‘taking one little pill a day and life goes on’? Yeah, that’s kind of the only way some if us can wake up and function asshole. But thanks for reminding is how much it costs financially to keep us ‘affected’ alive. Definitely an HIV phobic skewed article.

  • rextrek

    so glad BenDelacrem won…her Maggie Smith was spot on, and Bianca was great – everyone esle was “ahhh…”…..Milk better up her game or she’s gone…..Laganga got on my last nerve with her cry-babiness….waaa, waaaa…..give me my Moment(s)….listen bitch, everyone said how happy they were for you regarding your parents and then moved on….what did you want, the whole hour about you?

  • betrthanu84

    Sigh… these recaps used to be so funny. Last season, I looked forward to every Tuesday morning, when I’d come to Queerty to read them. Just last night, I said to the hubs that I couldn’t wait to read tomorrow’s; since the episode was so good, I thought the recap would be hiiiilarious. This is just awful, though. And, how about, since you obviously made a colossal fuckup with whatever you posted and then deleted, you issue a retraction AND rewrite the shitty article. Booo.

  • haymichael

    Why does Queerty only hire angry assholes? Getting real tired of them trying to pull stories out of their asses at other people’s expense.

  • Jessie R

    @Michael: How did you miss the part at the very beginning where it said “and obviously there are episode spoilers in this post”? Wow.

  • Cam

    Hey Queerty,

    Just some input here. The post went up early, obviously from the fact that some people on here were upset about the spoilers.

    An idea may be to not worry about putting the post up early, but to put up a complete post.

    Sure, this post talked about the two standouts on Drag Race this week and then kind of went off off track with Trinity…BUT THEN what about all of the other people?

    What about the fact that Gia was embarrassingly bad at Kim Kardashian? What about some commentary on the fact that Laganga was even MORE embarrassing to watch than Gia?

    How about the time where Bianca “The Bitch” was nice enough to give Adore a cinch to help her not get yelled at by Michelle?

    What about the fact that Milk went out on stage dressed as RuPaul as a man?

    How about the fact that there were other characters on Snatch game, Paula Dean, Julia Childs, etc…

    This is usually one of the better episodes of the Season. If Sven doesn’t want to write about it then get somebody who wants to do a full write up. This was so obviously tossed off in 4 min and submitted it was very disappointing.

  • misterhollywood

    Fun post. I don’t mind a spoiler once in awhile:)

  • ladnek

    This article was taken down because it had a spoiler? And here I thought it was because the recapper was making ignorant statements about hiv positive people. Glad to see queerty condones the recapper’s ignorant words. I guess he was expecting Trinity to grovel and paint herself as a leper… Sad to realize most hiv phobes are out and proud gay liberals.

  • Cam


    Wow, so in a post that you pretend is about defending folks with HIV you instead turn it into an attack on “Liberals”. Siiiigh, you wannabe Log Cabiners just never learn do you?

  • CCTR

    @Sven Stevensen, No Shade No T, but your Drag Race recaps have gone from excusable imperceptive ramblings to offensive deplorable words of contempt for Trinity…Not good, not good at all. Let some of the other Queerty writers help you or write about things that you have a more lucid understanding of.

  • HirsuteOne

    I’m actually surprised to see the story was temporarily pulled due to spoilers, not because of it’s HIV+ ignorance and phobia.

  • IcarusD

    There have been some fantastic queens in previous years, but with the (possible) exception of the All Stars Season, I think collectively this year has the strongest cast. Courtney, BenDeLaCreme, Bianca DelRio are probably my favorites. I have a fondness for Milk’s quirky style. Adore Delano is a lot stronger than I gave her credit for.

    And yes, I think RuPaul should do a one-off Snatch Game special with all the best: Chad Michaels, Pandora Boxx, BenDeLaCreme, Bianca DelRio — anyone who was in the top 3.

    I think they could also do a one-off musical (composed by Luciano Piani, of course) with their best singers/performers. And, perhaps on Comedy Central, a RuPaul roast with their wittiest, cattiest girls.

    RuPaul has a fantastic head for business. I wouldn’t be surprised if one-off specials didn’t start happening within the next year.

  • CCTR

    @CCTR: oops @ Sven Petersen, the anger must have clouded my focus

  • Austrian

    Personally I agree with this post. People seem to be complaining that making HIV awareness is the same thing as villifying HIV positive people. That isnt the case at all. Pretending like HIV aint no thang because you can just take this handly little pill that the sponsor created for max profits is dangerous and ignorant. If you are HIV positive it is a lifesaver, but its still smart to be very HIV conscious and stay protected if you are negative. Dont get HIV. Dont act like it isnt a game changer in your life.

  • Vince Smetana

    “When Bianca is on her game, she kills it.”

    This is worded oddly. She is always killing it.

    “hey could have left that “little pill” sentence out. But they didn’t.”

    This was a misstep on the part of the show. Thank you for calling them out.

    @HirsuteOne: “according to their own truth?” Newsflash: the show is edited. Trinity’s “truth” is filtered through the show.

  • ChgoReason

    I think BenDeLaCreme’s schtick is stuck on old lady. Though its an uplifting story and all. Queen of drag performers (RUPaul’s Drag Race) should go to someone that could engage the crowd, the people, engage the judges, and have some reflective wit. Transphobic RuPaul is gonna have to choose where the show wants to go. Acting Tasha ain’t gonna cut it. Ask LaGanja Estranja

  • james_in_cambridge

    All I know is, I’m ecstatic that smelly fish Gia Gunn was sent packing. Hopefully that annoying lunatic Laganja is next (she seriously belongs in a sanitarium, not on television) then we can have a real competition without any idiot children bothering the talented grownups!

  • jckfmsincty

    Everything about Bianca Del Rio says man.

  • Snapper59

    I hope Milk lasts long enough to see at least one glamourous, non-gimic, runway from her. How can the most attractive boy not be fishy if he tried.

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