The Road to All Stars Season 2 Interview: Shangela

Contributing Author: Paige Turner

For our “Road to All Stars Season 2? series, Dragaholic is getting reacquainted with some Drag Race fan favorites who have a serious shot at a coveted spot in the RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 2 cast. We’re kiki-ing with glamazons, dolls, fishy foes and maybe even a few shady apes. The only queen to ever appear on two seasons of the regular series of Drag Race, Shangela, was able to talk with us about how she was able to get cast on the show twice, her accomplishments since leaving the show and her All Stars Season 2 ambitions. Don’t forget to check back each week for new interviews in this series; we’ve got a lot of amazing interviews that we can’t wait to share with you!

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The Road to All Stars Season 2 Interview: Shangela

Dragaholic: So come on girl everyone wants to know, can you Spill the tee on All Stars?

Shangela: Honestly, everybody thinks we know but we don’t. RuPaul doesn’t know, World of Wonder doesn’t know, LogoTV doesn’t know; It’s all up in the air at this point.

D: Why is it so important for you to be cast on All Stars Season 2?

S: Because I haven’t won the $100,000 and the crown yet! No really, because I have shown a lot of growth and I would love to have to the chance to just share more of myself with the world.

D: If you were to get on All Stars Season 2 is there something special you would bring that would help you claim the crown?

S: Not necessarily All Stars per se, but in general I’ve learned so much more about myself as an entertainer. There are so many different types of drag queens: some get their life sewing, some get their life doing hair, some people just get their life doing pageants or being pretty. I get my life performing. I love to perform.

D: Which queen from your season would you choose to be on All Stars Season 2?

S: Myself and Mariah. She can beat a mug. She is fierce!

D: Which queens, from all seasons, would you pick?

S: I don’t want any of those bitches to get on because I wanna win and that just means there is more competition! I would have to pick myself of course. Maybe The Princess because she wasn’t on very long and has some great costumes. Phoenix is sickening, I’d like to see her on.

D: Why do you think you were chosen to be recast on season 3 after your elimination from season 2?

S: Honestly, it was kind of a coincidence because I had sent in a lil audition tape for season 3 and they called me and asked if I was interested in coming back, I asked if they had seen the tape and they said “no,” so it was just fate.

D: Some people are saying they want to put you back into the box. Is there anything you want to say to them?

S: Shangela is not going anywhere, so they can say it all they want but Shangela is here to stay!

D: What would you say is the biggest accomplishment in your career so far, from your time on Drag Race, and what is your biggest regret?

S: It was a huge accomplishment for me being on the show in general. Being so new to drag it was like I was “the baby.” Ss far as regrets, my only regret was being sent home. No, really, I would’ve loved the chance to get that one on one time with Ru. A lot of the other girls have made to that point and got that on camera moment with her and I would’ve loved to have had the chance to do that. But with that being said, I have grown a lot and continue to grow as an entertainer. I broke my leg onstage and as I was being taken out the fans were so sweet and checking on me and Instagram-ing pics and it was great to have all this love from fans all over. I was told there was a chance i would never walk or perform the same but I have been back working since February. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. You can do anything you set your mind to and Im living proof of that. HALLELU!

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