The Road to All Stars Season 2 Interview: Victoria 'Porkchop' Parker

Now that RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 is finished, we’ve all got ‘All Stars Fever.’ “Bring a Bitch Back” is on every Drag Race fan’s mind as we wonder, not only ‘Are they really going to film an All Stars Season 2?’, but when, where and who? There isn’t a Dragaholic out there who doesn’t have a certain favorite queen or two that he or she is gagging to see back on Ru’s runway. Even if it’s just for the shade of it – we all know by now ‘This Ain’t RuPaul’s Best Friend Race!” – everyone is saying, “Bring back our girls!”

For our new “Road to All Stars Season 2” series, Dragaholic is getting reacquainted with some Drag Race fan favorites who have a serious shot at a coveted spot in the All Stars Season 2 cast. We’re kiki-ing with glamazons, dolls, fishy foes, and maybe even a few shady apes. Today, we begin the series where it all started. Dragaholic spoke with the first person ever to get be eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race. From Season 1, Episode 1, we bring you: Victoria ‘Porkchop’ Parker.

Don’t forget to check back each week for new interviews in this series; we’ve got a lot of amazing interviews that we can’t wait to share with you!

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Porkchop Parker is ready for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2, but is Mama Ru ready for a Porkchop? Porkchop has been hitting the social media hard and heavy and rallying her army of #Choplets to demand ‘Justice for Porkchop’ and a spot for her in the cast. Production on All Stars Season 2 has not yet been confirmed, although rumors are rampant, but Porkchop remains focused. We caught up with her recently and had a chat about what she will bring to All Stars Season 2 – if she is cast!

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The Road to All Stars Season 2 Interview:
Victoria ‘Porkchop’ Parker

Dragaholic: Spill the Tee on All Stars Season 2 – do you know when they are casting it and when WOW plans to film?

VPP: I read online that it was approved. But the thing people don’t understand is that Logo only approves a certain number of episodes. So that means there’s either going to be six or seven queens or we’re going to put everybody in pairs. So as soon as I saw the announcement I said, ‘There’s going to be some type of twist to this.” Logo started the tag #BringBackPorkchop themselves, by the way. Logo has gone out of their way to promote me.

D: Why is it so important to you to be cast in All Stars Season 2?

VPP: It’s a completely different show now than it was on Season 1. In 2008, when Season 1 was filmed, Logo was still a mostly unheard of network. I lived in Raleigh, NC. Logo was not even carried in Raleigh. Since 2009, when the show aired, Logo has exploded. It’s owned by MTV and VH1, which is something most people don’t realize. I think I deserve a second chance to at least open my suitcases and show America who I really am. Winning to me, in this instance, is not going home first! I want to be on All Stars because I’m still a very popular drag artist and I want that opportunity to be America’s next drag superstar.

D: What growth have you shown since the season ended that would put you in contention for a spot in All Stars Season 2? If you go you’re gonna be in it to win it, so what are you gonna bring to take home the prize?

VPP: Ever since I heard that there was a possibility of a Season 2 of All StarsI have put myself into fifth gear getting ready. I have had new costumes made. I’ve lost weight. I’m a size 16 now. I was a size 24 back then. I’m in much better shape and I’ve got a much better wardrobe and I’m ready to show it off to America. I want to win.

D: Is there anyone that you don’t think deserves to be in All Stars Season 2?

VPP: I don’t think anyone who was on All Stars Season 1 should be on it again. I think they’ve been given more than enough chances. Let’s give some other people a second chance.

D: Any other unfinished business from your season you wish to get off your chest here?

VPP: If sewing had not been the very first challenge on Season 1, I would have sailed all the way to the top three with no problem. I’ve watched the lip-sync for your life and most of the time RuPaul sends home the person who deserves to go home. There’s been very few times that I think she’s sent home the wrong person. Only on one occasion – me!

One thing’s for sure. If Porkchop doesn’t get cast on All Stars Season 2, it won’t be for a lack of trying! If all else fails, we think she’s got a hell of a career as a social media manager ahead of her!

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