RPDR: Is it Better to Sashay Away First or Be The Most Hated?

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Would you rather be the first queen eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race or the most hated queen of the season?

Contributing Author: Cherry Binky

Role call hunties! Its new season time and you’re all in the lineup. Are you a Pork Chop or a Gia Gunn in the world of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Let’s break it down season by season, and don’t forget to vote for your choice in the poll at the end of this article!

Season 1

First to Sashay Away
Fabulous Victor Victoria (see what I did there? Fabulous film, 1982, Julie Andrews) Parker aka Pork Chop was larger than life and described herself as a diva, but sadly she was the very first contestant to *deep breath* sashay away. Not being able to sew and make her own outfits seemed to seal her doom!

Most Hated
The most hated queens from season 1 include the only queen to ever fall on the runway, Akashia, and 3rd place winner Rebecca Glasscock, who was edited and came across as being rather fake and dramatic after walking off the Viva Glam HIV advert challenge.

Season 2

First to Sashay Away
Drag newbie Shangela was the one to sashay out of season 2 first, but blimey did she milk it and make several comebacks later on! With TV appearances, two singles and charity work to her name, along with her irritating but strangely addictive catchphrase ‘Halleloo!’ she will stick in our minds forever (is that a good thing?).

Most Hated
There’s no doubt about it, Tatiannas clash with Raven didn’t endear her to others. Then there’s Tyra Sanchez, who, despite winning the season, had a runaway mouth off the runway and an seemingly immature view about most things.

Season 3

First to Sashay Away
All I remember about Venus D-Lite, who sashayed away in episode one, was her audition and outfit. She desperately dragged Shangela, who got a second chance after being first eliminated in season 2, along by her lampshade skirt in her elimination lip sync. Venus may have been the first to go in season 3, but she is still working as a successful Madonna impersonator (although I think she’d make a better Cindy Lauper)!

Most Hated
I felt quite sorry for Stacy Layne Matthews, but feel that she was perhaps the most disliked (rather than hated) queen from season 3. However, the editors here at Dragaholic feel that perhaps Mimi Imfurst wins this title for picking up India Ferrah and her unexpected appearance on All Stars.

Season 4 

First to Sashay Away
Miss Alisa Summers (who is hot in or out of drag!) sashayed away before the others in season 4 after a less than couture RuPocalypse Now runway look. Getting a couple of raised eyebrows from the other contestants for being arrested in full drag in her past, she certainly wasn’t taking any prisoners when she sashayed away.

Most Hated
Willam, although fabulously funny and sharp tounged, was kicked off of season 4 for being a tad naughty. Fellow contestants also appeared to be sick of his name dropping and label boasting, too. However, Phi Phi O’Hara win hands down as being the most-hated in season 4. The combination of not wanting to be part of  Sharon Needles’ ‘Party City’ fan club, sabotaging Jiggly Caliente in the fitness challenge, and the fabulous work of the season 4 editors all combined to make fans revolt against her.

Season 5 

First to Sashay Away
Sashaying away first this time was the lovely Penny Tration. After being read by the judges for her make, she was gone into the sunset before we got to know her.

Most Hated
Roxxxy Andrews (did I out enough Xs in there?) placed in the top three for season 5, but, rubbed many contestants and viewers wrong during her ride to the coronation ceremony. Bitching one minute, then comforting, being nice or apologizing the next, I fear Roxxxy may have come across as a queen with some issues to some (which is a shame as her thighs were amazeballs!). Bringing Jinkx Monsoon to tears was a tad mean and apologizing can come too late when you’re at the mercy of viewers’ opinions.

Season 6

Kelly Mantle Gia Gunn First to Sashay Away Most Hate Season 6 RuPaul's Drag RaceFirst to Sashay Away
Well, here we are on the current season of Drag Race; Beautiful Kelly Mantle bowed out first after serving us some bacon and eggs on the runway. Not quite Downton Abbey, more downtown Camden, London after a wild night out!

Most Hated
Finally, here are two words that I don’t think any Drag Race fan will forget anytime soon…. Gia Gunn (or “Gunt” according to Kelly Mantle). Was she the rudest, most into herself queen the show has ever seen or was she just edited to look that way? Her Kim Kardashian impersonation let her down in the Snatch Game but she has said that since the show she has learnt by that… ‘Absolutely’!

Our Decision: Most Hated > First to Sashay Away

My personal choice:
I’d much rather be hated and create some naughtiness than have to sashay away in the first episode.

Editor’s choice:
Agreed! Although you might have to deal with some very hateful fans if you come off as the most hated queen of the season, at the end of the day you get way more camera time and more followers on social media!

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