The Reviews Are In: New RuPaul’s Drag Race Keyboard Needs to Sashay Away

The new RuPaul’s Drag Race keyboard app for Andriod (download here) and iOS (download here) was released yesterday, but it appears to not be werking as well as it should be.

Here’s what a few of the latest reviews look like…

“It doesnt work with my phone! I keep gettin a message saying that whatever im using doesn’t support the gifs or the emojis” – Kitty M

“It’s cute & fun to just drop gifs into conversations. Once you need to actually type words, the keyboard itself /predictive text is not great. I’ll keep it around to have the gifs on hand, but I’m switching back to SwiftKey for regular use.” – Cassie Weed

“Very disappointed. None of the features work! I cannot send any images or gifs over Facebook messenger, and I can’t send text messages as it closes my messages as soon as the keyboard loads. I love the idea of it but had to uninstall it from my phone.” – Emily Flynn

Read more reviews on the app page >

According to the app page, the keyboard is supposed to have more than 20 emojis and gifs and is compatible with most messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Kik, Kakao, Tango and more. Reviewers, however, seem to be having issues no matter what app they try to use it on.

Snaps (the app developer), who has also created keyboards for the like of Burger King, Workaholics and more, is listening and responding to the negative reviews. They have promised that the next update will provide a fix for the keyboard and ask that all support issues be forwarded to them directly via email at [email protected].

The app is such a great idea though, so I hope they eventually work out all the kinks! For now, until some significant updates have been made, I’m giving the RuPaul’s Drag Race keyboard two wonky Gia Gunn eyelashes down…

rupaul's drag race sashay away gif