RuPaul's Drag Race Puppets Are Taking Over Social Media

RuPaul's Drag Race Puppets Season 6
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Contributing Author: Gabriela Rada

The Bianca Del Rio Puppet

Bianca Del Rio Puppet TrashTalkTV
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In episode 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, the queens were asked to make puppets of their fellow contestants for the mini challenge. Bianca Del Rio’s puppet, dragged up and voiced by BenDeLaCreme, has already been given its own Twitter account—it seems like everything about Bianca is going viral these days! The “Bianca Del Rio Pup”, as she calls herself, already has over 200 followers.

Recent Tweets:

If it ain’t broke, I’ll date it.”

Ru isn’t looking for the prettiest queen. Or else April would be here. And she’s also not looking for crap, which is why Magnolia’s not here”


Ornacia via Twitter
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Earlier this season we met, Ornacia, the top of Vivacious’ entrance outfit. It seems that Ornacia has had a little difficulty letting go of the limelight. Her Twitter account now has over 2,800 followers and counting! She claims to be “serving up face for the masses”, but is Ornacia the evil twin of Vivacious?

Sadly, her Twitter hasn’t been updated since March 24.

Lil Pound Cake

Lil Pound Cake PopRevolver
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While there were definitely memorable inanimate objects, the queen of all the dolls is definitely Lil Pound Cake! Her memorable phrase, “You’re not my real dad and you never will be,” pushed her to the forefront of social media. Lil Pound Cake has a Twitter account with over 7,000 followers and a Facebook page with over 1,250 followers.

Recent Tweets:

Bitches Ain’t Shit But Hoes & Tricks. So I’ve heard.”

I’m already at the Top. No need to climb and scuff my heels.”

Why do we love these characters so much and what propels people to follow them on social media? My guess: Originality and the ability to relate to some version of each of their actual characters. Bianca Del Rio’s puppet is still some version of Bianca, and BenDeLaCreme said it best: “I knew if I hitched myself to this wagon it’d pay off eventually.” People want a piece of Bianca; her jokes, her beauty, her talent and her class make her and her puppet, the one to beat.

Ornacia was original—until Vivacious, nobody has come in with a mannequin’s head on top of their head. She was definitely a standout for the “Club Kid” style Vivacious had. She had her own name, was glamoured up and was made of styrofoam… this makes for a great collection of jokes on her Twitter account, including jokes about her cousins being mannequins from the displays in store windows.

Lil Pound Cake arose during a time of pyscho pageant kids, Dance Moms and Honey Boo Boo. She epitomized what we all knew: B!tches be crazy!  She became a way to poke fun at the pageant world without directly picking on anyone. Alaska Thunderfuck and Lineysha Sparx should be so proud of their little pageant princess, she’s a social media success!

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