RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: A Finale Surprise of Dragzilla Proportions

In the initial workroom chatter, there isn’t any new news. Latrice is remembered for being amazing. Everyone is just so darn proud to be in the top three. And some semi-apologizes are given by Chad and Sharon for selecting Phi Phi as the queen least deserving of being in the finale. (Of course, they chose correctly, so you can’t fault them too much).

After a particularly cackly She Mail, Ru appears to inform the girls that they’ll be performing in the music video for her single “Glamazon.” How… not surprising. They released the video weeks ago. And I really enjoyed watching it—weeks ago. So now I get to watch them make the video I already saw?

Let me contain my excitement.

Well, there is one thing that could make this more entertaining: transgender choreographer Candis Cayne. Her concept for the video is, “high-fashion dragzilla primal glamour.” This, incidentally, is also my nickname when I go dancing at all the hot nightclubs. (H.F.D.P.G. rolls off the tongue better after a few drinks, trust.)

During rehearsal, Sharon struggles to learn the steps. Sure, Phi Phi is a bit “cha cha” and Chad Michaels is a touch girly. But Sharon barely remembers the correct number of spins.

If only the choreography had been “low-fashion dragzombie feral eleganza.” Sharon could have tackled that without a hitch.