RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: A Finale Surprise of Dragzilla Proportions

For the video shoot, our girls are given some glamourzilla outfits, but unfortunately, they aren’t imbued with any magical dancing powers. Sharon still can’t get it together, and now director/homeless stand-in Mathu Andersen (left)  is cursing her complete lack of coordination.

Before moving on to the “acting” portion of the music video, the girls get some one-on-one coaching from Raja, Tyra Sanchez, and Tyra’s oversized red wig. These previous winners have come to help the queens practice lines and rehearse a fight scene. It’s a nice reunion between Chad Michaels and Raja, who have known each other for years.

It’s also a nice teaching moment for Tyra, who finds a way to tell us—twice!—how young she was when she won Season Two.

All this talk about Tyra’s age inspires Chad Michaels to apologize for her attitude towards Phi Phi. And ladies and gentlemen, this is why I love Chad.  There is no judging panel present. This isn’t done in defense of a critique. Sure, there are still cameras running and it’s the home stretch, but Chad apologizes when it doesn’t really matter—that much.

RuPaul also calls in the girls individually for a heart-to-heart lunch meeting (a.k.a. a marvelous feast of a solitary  jelly bean).  I guess this is the only sustenance that Logo is providing for our poor queens.

The conversations between Ru and contestant are sweet: Chad and Phi Phi both talk about difficult relationships with their fathers, and Sharon discusses her worries about how the show will affect her relationship with her boyfriend Alaska (who has auditioned for Drag Race every season).