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  • Texndoc

    I watched both this morning and actually found the UnTucked Show more watchable. The Dida moment was moving. Like you I find PhiPhi doing comedy cringeworthy and the only good out of it is that we get great one-liners from Sharon. I found the entire “debate” unfunny. But Chad Michaels gets an A+++ for her runway outfit/concept. She nailed it. I think they just keep Phi Phi around as meat for Sharon Needles to chew on, and she does it brilliantly.

  • Fitz

    Bravo to Queerty for not spoiling it this week for those of us who use a DVR. Last week you were snarky when several of us told you to use a cut instead of a spoiler headline. Despite your defensive response, you did listen and I am glad for it.

  • stevoj

    you know what… it’s downright difficult to watch this show now that every other cutaway is Phi Phi

    i FUCKIN’ hate. that. betch.

    halleloo for online streaming. i can just skip ahead every time i see that troll

  • Mark

    You have to admit, Phi Phi serves a purpose. The only other laugh out loud moment besides Sharon’s pole was when, I think in Untucked, that PhiPhi said “they all laughed at my Help joke” and they showed a clip of the panel Ru, Dan, and Michelle just sitting there stone faced. That was a very funny moment for the viewer.

  • MJ

    “just 5 minutes ago I looked across at Ms. O’hara and realized that she’s ugly and I’m at peace with that”

    Loved that line. made my day :)

  • DouggSeven

    Why does no one call out Latrice on his terrible make up job every week? He constantly paints this ridiculous face that in no way shape or form matches his skin type.

  • Frederick

    Can’t stand Pee Pee, love Sharon, and hope they bring back Willam.

  • Disgusted Gay American

    My favs are Sharon Needles and Chad Michaels

    Sharon Needles NAILED it last nite…..Chad came in 2nd….Phi Phi Grrrrr – needs to learn her place, she’s a backstabber petty and immature

  • DouggSeven

    Sharon’s ‘pole’ joke cemented him as the winner. That on-the-spot wit can’t be ignored.

  • pixipie

    Bring Kenya Michaels Back! If Willam was disqualified, I don’t see Ru bringing her back, although that would be a genius move ratings-wise. Hell! Sending her home like that with no explanation or warning was a genius move. I’ve already got the reunion show marked on my calendar! Doesn’t really matter who it is, though. Latrice Royale is going home with the crown. Royale 2012!

  • ChristopherM

    Latrice should have reached over and slapped the wonk eye off PhiPhi during that debate. Stupid bitch.

  • pixipie

    @ChristopherM: phi phi’s “wonk eye” i am ROLLING on the floor!!! hilarity!

  • Texndoc

    Oh please. Helen Keller could see Kenya being asked back when they read her letter 3-4 shows ago.

  • DouggSeven

    @Texndoc: What is this letter you guys keep talking about? The lipstick mirror one? Did I miss something?

  • Chris

    I hate to say it but the show is more fun with Willam. I won’t put it beyond Drag Race to make her go as a stunt just to come back now. Muahahaha.

  • Chris

    Oh, and Latrice’s lipsynch was amazing!

  • Stephen

    Dear Phi Phi,

    In your imaginary world, Texas is a place where you get beat up for being gay. After seeing this show, it is clear Texas was a place you got beat up aimply for being “Phi Phi”. After the shame you brought us last night (and the fact that no one on this show was enlightened enough to call you out on it, just accepting it as “humor”), I wish the fleas of a thousand camel toes upon your wigs, now and forever, amen.




  • Stephen

    simply* Damn, wish we could edit these.

  • DouggSeven

    @Stephen: The point of satire is to exaggerate your subject. If you’re going to choose a Sarah Palin or a Michele Bachman (who are just as offensive to gays) as a reference, the joke was dead on as to what they’d do – this joke would’ve killed in a nightclub or on a sketch comedy show, but fell flat on a reality show. Lesson learned I suppose.

  • Frederick

    @DouggSeven-Regardless of your explanation of satire, Pee Pee is simply repulsive.

  • Ajai

    ‘the Help’ line could have been funny with some subtlety, and if the character was more refined and very specific. It could have been great satire, but instead it was like watching Mimi Imfursts exercise video routine. The only reason Phi Phi wasn’t in the bottom was because Latrice would obviously own that lip synch, and they figured it was Dita’s time to go.

    Still rooting for Sharon, as I have been since the beginning. Would love to see Willam return, my fiancee thinks he’s cute.

  • stevoj

    i want Willam back but it would be kind of ridiculous (and unfair) to do so and i agree with the post above about Latrice’s make-up. why they never clock her for painting orange i’ll never know

    and now that i actually think about it, i feel like Phi Phi gave her phone call prize to Chad because she has no one to call

    that chick probably has a decade worth of rollover minutes…

  • Barry White

    “Why does no one call out Latrice on his terrible make up job every week? He constantly paints this ridiculous face that in no way shape or form matches his skin type.”

    DouggSeven, I couldn’t agree with you more. Her face looks ridiculous. She has a beige face with dark chocolate arms and legs. I simply can’t stand it. If she wins, she has not earned it.

    I will jump into traffic if Kenya is brought back. She dresses up nice, but completely lacks Charisma, Uniqueness, whatever the N stands for, and Talent.

  • real

    I’m glad Dida is gone. Nothing personal, she simply was not in the same league as the other drag queens. She has a small skill set that she needs to expand on to compete with skilled talent like Chad, Latrice, and Sharon.

    I think Latrice was put in the bottom two to knock out Dida because none of the others could do it in a lip sync except Latrice. Latrice was good in the debate and got off a good one-liner about Phi Phi.

    Phi Phi could have won the challenge but her precious voice is too grating and distracting and she never really made a joke people could laugh at. Everything else was there for a win.

  • DouggSeven

    @real: It’s as if they picked that song on purpose to get rid of Dida (and rightfully so). Had they picked something up-tempo or dance oriented, Latrice clearly would be packing. Come on – Gladys Knight? I’ve never even heard that song before.

  • Brettania

    phi phi – is an out dated common night club queen there is nothing original or special about her – queens like that are dime a dozen
    Sharon – is to me sensational she is a fantastic representation of the newer hybrid queens and we have not really had the same look twice from her
    the political debate though funny actually showed that she has really strong thoughts on the subject though she dealt with it with brilliant absurdity
    Chad – is simply a Class act I find her thoughtful and elegant in every way

    I could not decide between the two who should win

    willam was just revolting

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