RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Ho, Ho, Ho Your Boat!

For the main challenge, Ru tells the girls that Drag Race will be having its own Pride parade and each girl must create a float based on one of the eight original colors of the rainbow flag. And the floats should follow a “Hope Floats” theme. And they have to carry the boat. Oh dea.

Willam, mini-challenge winner, decides to randomly assign colors because it seems like the fairest thing to do. I guess the spirit of Pride is guiding her decisions?

Compared to previous episodes, the workroom seems tame during the prep for this challenge. There isn’t a massive, shade-slinging yell fest. There’s no power struggle against the Puerto Ricans with someone fighting to be leader (even though she should probably just sit her ass down). There is just glitter. And craft paper. Sure, Jiggly loses an epic battle against the hot glue gun and decent construction, but after her apocalyptic hot-potato outfit, it’s no surprise.

While the girls are all given a nice stash of goodies to decorate their floats, Willam whips up dozens of star stickers with her face on them. (Maybe she just had some promotional materials lying around?) As she expertly uses them to create texture on the hull of her ship, it just seemed a little unfair. If I’m ever on Drag Race, I’m taking everything and anything that might need to give me an edge: disco balls, Andy Warhol’s ghost, live piranha—anything.