RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Ho, Ho, Ho Your Boat!

During her tableside critiques of our girls, Ru chats with Milan, who is trying to create a float that’s a “flashback to the future.”

Yeah, okay good luck with that.

With more chatting, we also learn about Phi Phi. Her purple float is shaping up nicely, so the focus is about her back-story. She’s been through some hard times, leaving most of them behind her when she packed up from Texas and moved to Chicago. She then paints the Lone Star State as a place where homosexuality is completely unacceptable and where gay-bashing is a constant threat.

Yes, Texas has its problems (crippling heat, Rick Perry, The A-List Dallas)—and it’s not the best place to grow up gay. But it does have Dallas. And Austin. And the real estate to make its gay clubs ridiculously massive.

Sorry girl, I’m a Texan. I gotta defend my home. Just stick to trash talking the other girls.