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  • jakeo

    This is the reason why I hate LOGO channel. All they ever show is that RuPaul drag race show. AS IF BEING GAY IS ALL ABOUT BEING A TRANSVESTITE OR WHATEVER. No wonder the str8s think we are all that way.

  • Derek

    Jakeo you dude are ignorant and just plain stupid in so many ways…

  • christopher di spirito

    Zombie drag queens were inspired. Great start to the 4th season.

  • Fitz

    Sure are a lot of obese people!
    I am not PC enough to call them “Plus sized”. They are over fat – obese… dangerously so.
    I don’t think I can watch a whole season of Ru Paul’s gainers.

  • DenverBarbie

    Willam was so funny in Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives and she’s looking prettier on RPDR4, which makes it a real shame that she is proving to be the most grating and unlikable character on the show.
    Here’s to hoping there’s some punk rock kiki blooming between The Princess and Sharon Needles! Not only is “You’re the type of guy I go for, I like the whole meth thing” the best come on ever, but RuPaul’s Drag Race is long overdue for some Real World-styled, subtitled, breathy, night vision cam shots. Just sayin’.

  • RomanHans

    RuPaul’s Drag Race is easily one of the best TV shows around. It’s funny, it’s touching, and it’s blissfully diverse. It consistently amazes me how men in makeup and lady frocks are the most honest, most vulnerable, most thoughtful people on television today.

  • charlie_jack

    AAArrrrggghhhh no UK broadcaster has this show – where can I watch it- none of the download links ive found work

  • CryanaMoss

    This season, these girls got TEEF! Yes, TEEF! not teeth. Woo!

  • Mike UK

    @charlie_jack: it’s usually on one of SKY channels, I think E4 picked up the last series.

  • vanfanusa

    @jakeo: Why in hell do you care what the str8s think about us?

  • willam

    If you like my fan page, you can call me an asshole there too ;)


  • AedanRoberts

    There was a lot of Jiggly love in that review. Gotta say- from a personal viewpoint- he was right up there with Willam as one of the more unbearable, obnoxious and overblown ego-filled of the lot. Though that may be because I saw what they showed of him in the untucked.

    Also from a shallow, visual perspective- her mouth is horrifying. Those teeth saw WAY too much sugar and not nearly enough toothpaste. It’s somewhat nightmarish.

    One thing I can agree with, however? Sharon Needles rocks and I’m rooting for her.

  • Robert Rumsey

    I thought Willam was hilarious AND smart. Last year Raja was judged by the other “boogers” for having a career before RuPauls Drag Race. PhiPhi was defensive from the jump. Not all drag queens need to be the same. Some queens lip synch and do pageants and other act on t.v. and film.

  • Drake

    I Love Sharon Needles. I’m definitely rooting for her. I just hope she can show some variety while still keeping that off-kilter style. I’d hate to see her be a one-trick pony.

    What I don’t understand is why Phi Phi was not in the top 3. She was totally channeling some mad-max in that outfit. I like the Princess, but her outfit was bland and boring she shouldn’t have been in the top 3.

    I really wanted Jiggly to go home up until the actual lip-sync. Then she turned it out. I don’t think she’s going to last long though.

    Lets face it Willum will be there til nearly the end. If for no other reason than because she’s the biggest shit-stirrer in the group.

    I’d like to see them pull a South-Park “OMG THEY KILLED SHANGELA!” Thing. Every episode she tries to get back in the competition, and they kill her off in entertaining ways.

  • Brandon H

    /begin queenout

    I thought Phi Phi and the one who went home, uhh whats her name, were pretty hot out of drag. And The Princess didn’t look bad either. Phi Phi came off as INCREDIBLY insecure. She needed to just STFU and let Wiliam be his self-absorbed self.

    But seriously, there are some hot messes on the show this season, on top of the fucked up grills. And Wiliam, you need to work on that 5 o’clock shadow grrr.

    /end queenout

  • Keith

    I was disappointed in the “Lip Synch for Your Life” song selection. Being that Elvira was the guest judge, they should have had to lip synch to her song “Here I Am” from her film “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark” or one of her many other songs.

  • Keith

    I was disappointed in the “Lip Synch for Your Life” song selection. Being that (my idol) Elvira was the guest judge, they should have had to lip synch to her song “Here I Am” from her film “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark” or one of her many other songs.

  • AdamA

    @jakeo: I’d explain to you how an LGBT channel can be a lot of things besides a queer ambassador to the straight world. Instead, I’ll just tell you that you’re a bigger cliché than a drag queen could EVER be.

  • willam

    @DenverBarbie: i’ll do better. when i get shy (which i am) i try to use humor…and sometimes when i try to use humor, others don’t find it funny.
    i hope i’ll do something this season to make you smile because i was there truly only to entertain and have fun


    The 1st episode 2 S4 was very clever and inventive. I have 2 say, though, S2 and S3 had more heathers. I will continue 2 watch RPDR cuz i lurv the show. Ru-ru rox!

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    Willam interviewed it was just another gig. Just like DJ. Same problem covering his beard, too. After the LSFYL his paint had melted off. Mercenary amateur. Insulting RuPaul’s lifetime as a showgirl was brilliant, too.

  • Karanis

    @Drake: They actually did do the “They killed Shangela” thing. After the contestants grabbed their materials from the drag queen zombies, they zombies then hoarded above Shangela, who cried out “Hallelu! Hallelu!” as they subsequently ‘devoured’ her.

    Also, Sharon Needles is amazing. She’s also sometimes pretty crazy but always original

  • Karanis

    @ScaryRussianHeather: The contestants on the show basically had to work 14-hour days and were given almost no time to get a proper face on. The show was also filmed in a non-air-conditioned studio in the summertime in LA, so everybody’s face was sweaty and melting by the end of a lot of episodes. That’s what you get when you work with a union, though. They did not treat those girls too well.

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