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  • Jersey

    Loved the episode. Dita Ritz killed it! I think I have a major crush on him, total hotness.

  • Mark

    Love Sharon Needles. The Elvis wig that sparkled was very creative. PhiPhi is not.

  • Jeremy

    Man, Rupaul is really nasty this season. It’s like he’s trying to push every contestants to their edge just for the sake of rating. It’s just a beginning of this season, yet everyone has already been fighting to each other…

  • DenverBarbie

    Wasn’t digging on Monday’s episode. I like a lot of the girls, but the challenge was flat.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    Did you actually watch previous shows? Episode 1 Season 3 wasn’t drama free, Mimi Imfurst was crying day one because her first dress fell apart and she had to make a new one. Episode 1 Untucked on Season 3 was a nasty bitchfest. That’s where they actually took sides against each other. Day 1. And accused some of them of pumping. They also all trashed Raja the moment she walked into the workroom.

    Episode 2 Season 3 Queens in Space Untucked is when the entire Shamgela team ganged up on Mimi Imfurst and were hateful to her including Shangela throwing a drink on her for no reason. You must not have seen Untucked last year. Why do people comment on RPDR when they never watch the Untucked episodes? It’s very common.

    How is RuPaul pushing them to their edge? The challenges are exactly the same as last season. And the season before (except Season 2 was slightly easier).

    It’s for $100,000. Not chump change if you wanna be called “next drag superstar”. This season is a booger fest but the level of difficulty is no worse than last year.

  • Jeremy

    @ScaryRussianHeather: I actually have re-watched the last 3 seasons a lot, which is why I’m confident about how I feel about this season. Now you mentioned it, about that “$100,000” prize thing. RuPaul keeps saying over and over again about the money, and it’s only 3 episodes. And she also keeps telling the queens how she “wants them to impress her/try harder to win that money”. And you can see that’s how the queens are motivated. A lot of them said “We’re gonna get knocked down one-by-one and I want to win that prize blah blah blah.” And whoever these queens feel like she is “not up to their levels”, that person will be bullied. Not that it hasn’t happened before (with Tatiana on S2) but these year every girls has not-so-nice about everyone one else. See the difference?

  • hamoboy


    I can see this difference, yet I wonder how you can think it’s RuPaul’s “fault”. Why do you think it’s a bad thing? It’s awesome TV.

  • mylife

    Jeremy, you seem to be taking this really PERSONALLY. Kind of weird. Been on the show? Anyhoo…this episode was good and Untucked was one of the best ever. Ms. Ritz did an incredible job with Natalie Cole’s song. I loved it.

    Mark, I agree. Sharon Needles is so creative. And, PhiPhi is not.

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