RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Shade Comes From Reading… Magazines!

During the shoot, Dida bitches about having to pose with a giant plate of fried chicken. And while I understand the frustration with being assigned Tastes Like Chicken, she didn’t have to literally pose with chicken.

You know what tastes like chicken? Everything.

Sharon channels her inner crazy cat lady by dolling up like Little Edie and trying to mount a scratching post. It almost works, but you hear a nervous producer yelling at her from off-camera, “Whoa, Sharon! I need you to climb down from that.”

It was like watching a parent spoil his child’s dangerous yet vivid imagination. Just let Sharon play! Even if she breaks a leg, her runway will still be better than most.

Willam starts with a half-decent concept for her interior décor magazine: stripped-down design. But she has the pit crew wear lampshade hats (which is more coverage than they usually have.)

Then, she gets naked and jumps around. I guess her publication would be sold in a black wrapper?