RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Why You Gotta F**k Up The Snatch Game?

Ladies and Ladyboys, are you ready for this year’s Snatch Game? I’m ready. The American people are ready. And the RuPaul Twitter handle is ready. (Seriously, homegirl would not stop tweeting.)

If you’ve been living in a sad, sad place where you don’t know what this episode is about…for shame. Snatch Game is notoriously hilarious, and it’s also the perfect test for our girls: They must embody a celebrity, field interview questions and fight for a laugh.

It’s not just about memorizing someone else’s lyrics or lines—it’s about winning us over. Good makeup can’t cover a boring personality.

For the mini-challenge, they are put through physical stunts in a game called “Beat the Cock.” Now, I appreciate this title on three different levels:

1) It’s a throwback to the classic game show Beat the Clock

2) The challenge is themed with feathers, chickens and eggs

3) Masturbation wordplay is always funny

The gals compete in three rounds with three contestants each, with the winners then battling head-to-head in a “Cock-tacular Finale.” Also, the grand champion wins a call home. (Why hello there, real prize!)

Chad Michaels starts talking about how tomorrow is his eighth anniversary with his partner, so we’re inclined to root for him.