RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 Elimination Conspiracy Theory

Before you read this full article, we must warn you that this article may be a season six lip-sync-for-your-life spoiler. This conspiracy theory will not ruin the viewing experience of new episodes each week, however, it may help you determine who sashays away in the moments before the bottom two queens lip-sync for their lives.
You’ve been warned…

It’s all in the thunder and lightning

The Internet has been ablaze with a RuPaul’s Drag Race elimination conspiracy theory since April Carrion’s elimination. It seems that the show’s editors give a little hint, in the moments before the bottom two contestants lip-sync, about who will be sent home…

RuPaul says, “The time has come… for you to lip-sync… for your life”; suspenseful music echos; a storm begins to rolls in; snap to a close-up shot of one of the bottom-two queens; lightning strikes, thunder roars; jump to a close-up of the other queen; a deep-bass horn rumbles. The elimination hint has been given. Did you miss it?

Maybe it’s simply an editing coincidence, but it has been true, for episode one through five, that the queen who is shown when the lightning and thunder echo is the queen who wins the lip-sync battle.

Episode One:
Vivacious – thunder and lightning
Kelly Mantle – deep-bass horn
Kelly Mantle sashays away

Episode Two:
Darienne Lake – thunder and lightning
Magnolia Crawford – deep-bass horn
Magnolia Crawford sashays away

Episode Three:
April Carrion – thunder and lightning
Vivacious – deep-bass horn
Vivacious sashays away

Episode Four:
Trinity K. Bonet – thunder and lightning
April Carrion – deep-bass horn
April Carrion sashays away

Episode Five:
Laganja Estranja – thunder and lightning
Gia Gunn – deep-bass horn
Gia Gunn sashays away

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!

The video below shows the editing cuts for episodes one through four.
If you don’t believe us about episode five, you can watch it on the LogoTV website to see the same revealing edits.

Update (spoiler alert): Although 31% of you voted that you believed this conspiracy theory would be true, episode six disproved it when Milk (who sashayed away) was shown during the thunder and lightning and Trinity K. Bonet was shown during the deep-bass horn.

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