RuPaul Reveals that 'Drag Race' Season 7 Will Start in January!

RuPaul in and out of drag

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In yesterday’s episode of ‘Savage Lovecast,’ hosted by Dan Savage, RuPaul announced that the newest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race will begin airing in January 2015.

RuPaul joins the podcast at about 37 minutes (into the free version of the podcast), and, after Ru shares whose idea RuPaul’s Drag Race was, Dan talks about the how the show has given local drag scenes a national audience. He then asks what season the show is going into now.

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“We’re starting our seventh season in January,” RuPaul reveals in reponse, “but, you know, it’s interesting, as you’re saying that it’s occurred to me that Drag Race has sort of become the Airbnb or Uber of drag, where it’s the connector. It’s that phone app that connects all these people together.”

We’ve been waiting for this kind of news, and now we know for sure that we’ve only got at most about two and a half months until our hunger for Drag Race will be satisfied once again! Let the countdown begin!

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H/T Reddit user nobody_curr.