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Do the ‘Drag Race’ Queens Really Hate Each Other?

After much anticipation, the two groups of queens were finally let into the same room and allowed to sniff each other. At last, they got to meet! It was like West Side Story, but gayer! Didn’t think that was possible? Well you’ve clearly you haven’t been paying attention because these girls were serving some Sharks vs. Jets realness. This is what Team 2 saw when they walked into the workroom.


In the words of former judge and great lyricist Adam Lambert, they throw more shade than a cloudy day. Although some, like Gia, are clearly just here to read everything and everybody in her line(s) of sight.


The queens started the show off with a couple’s mini-challenge, pairing up with someone from the other gang. One partner danced around as the “top,” while the “bottom” lied on her back. The “bottom” was supposed to dance their legs around, but all the *cough* ladies cough just flashed a lot of untucked snatches.



Courtney is a top! This throws the entire universe askew. What’s next? Michelle Visage is a prude? Santino has hair? Left is right and everything is backwards!


BenDeLaCreme and Darienne Lake are both so fucking fantastic, and they really were the best pair. They should have won. But Ru must enjoy stretching her jaw muscles, because Milk’s bulge won the challenge for herself and Adore:



This explains why Milk has so many fans. If the competition doesn’t work out for her, Milk can always join next season’s Pit Crew.

Because they won, Adore and Milk became team captains and chose five other girls for teams, to act out two horror movie scenes: one set in the ’60s and one in the ’80s. Adore chooses the ’80s-themed scene because of course she did and picked every girl from her own premiere. So Milk got the ’60s and also snatched up her own girls. And this was stupid, because they should’ve left one or two of their own raggedy girls for the other team to deal with, and poached the obvious winners from the other group. But who are we to strategize how to win a game show? These girls are far too busy being cunty.

In the skits, Trinity Bonet tried to create a character, but what she produced was more wooden than Kristen Stewart in a Twilight film, so her teammates told her just to act “black” and get it over with. Offensive. But honey, whatever it takes. And it worked—she and the rest of the Episode 2 girls won the main challenge for their skit, “Drag Race Me to Hell.” It actually was hilarious.


Darienne Lake turned in the finest performance of a talking head since the cast of The Golden Girls performed the dream sequence where they have their heads cryogenically frozen. Although Joslyn Fox was also funny.


She seems like a total sweetheart and she means well, it’s impossible not to root for her. So it’s best to simply enjoy her and wait for this competition to eat her alive.

Adore’s team and their ’80s “Drag Race me to Hell 5” movie was a mess, however. Adore assigned the acting roles to her team like she chooses tricks to play with at the end of the night at the bar. Meaning, she hates herself too much to put any thought into anything and just does whatever. This also means they didn’t rehearse and couldn’t remember their lines. And Vivacious did her makeup like this.


The instant she showed up on camera looking like this Noxema commercial gone wrong, it was obvious she was going home.

Although Milk, who was in the “safe” group, walked onto the runway looking like Pinnochio?…


What the fuck is this? I cannot tell a lie. This is ridiculous. And he can’t even act! Even though she was in the winning group, the judges shamed her on the runway for being the worst on her team and falling flat in the acting challenge. This should’ve been her week to show her stuff. Please explain to me why she is on my television.

Now on to the runway frocks. The theme this week: “show your best drag.” Now look, there are a lot of girls still left in this competition, and if Ru doesn’t have time for the “safe” girls, then neither do I. Here are the bottom six looks:




I totally take back what I said in Week One about her looking better as a boy than a girl.


She really is gorgeous and her makeup skills are on point. She landed in The Bottom 2 this week because she was bad in the skit; she’s not going to win this season, but she’s fun. April just needs to pick it up in the personality department — she seems sweet, but being sweet doesn’t win. Just ask Ivy Winters.


Laganja Estranja:


It was a great look, but it’s hard to appreciate anything she does because her “Okay gurrrrrrl” thing has become so grating. She had such promise at the beginning! This season quickly became a battle of the young vs. old/everybody versus Vivacious, but I do not blame many of these queens for side-eyeing Laganja’s forced Alyssa-Edwards-lite shtick.


Gia Gunn:


The look is okay, but I don’t get how it fits into the runway theme at all. NEXT—


Adore Delano:


Seriously. She’s the queen at the bar. 10 minutes until close. Hating herself too much to care.

A commenter in the recap of Episode 1 hypothesized that Adore and Courtney Act were brought onto the show to compete in the singing challenge—Adore was a semi-finalist on American Idol a few seasons back, and Courtney Act is a legitimate pop star in Australia (how cool!)—and Adore is lucky that Ru obviously wants to keep her around for that episode. Otherwise, all that polyester on her head would be gone with the rest of her.




She’s cute. (He’s also really cute out of drag.) She was clearly the only one on her team who can act, so hopefully she breaks out of this clique and doesn’t fall victim to a mid-season axing because of her one-note character.




Traffic cones. Black, studded traffic cones. Jennifer Lawrence would trip if she walked anywhere near Vivacious.

She’s a lovely individual, her club performances are probably a walk down Special K-memory lane, but Vivacious’ look was too derivative. Plus it was clear she wasn’t going to bring anything exciting and new to the competition. She shot herself in the foot every time she said Leigh Bowery; every episode clearly was going to be just another look already worn by another club kid.

So Vivacious and April were in the bottom two, and April’s performance in the skit wasn’t the best, but her runway won over Vivacious’s dog toy outfit. Vivacious was gracious, though, and as a person she is so endearing. And anything is better than last week’s “I do not care if I’m the laughing stock of RuPaul’s Drag Race season six” tired act.