“RuPaul’s Drag Race”: Ten Things We Learned From Last Night’s Clip Show

1. This was “the most fashionable season ever,” apparently.
clipshow 01

Which explains why they cast so many lifeless mannequins.


2. Trixie’s uncut.
clipshow 02

And apparently not shy about showing off to the other girls.


3. Sharon looks a mess these days.
clipshow 03

You know how some contestants get way better after their season is over? …yeah.


4. Bianca Del Rio could read a girl to death.
clipshow 04

We honestly already knew that, but seeing her savage the Season 7 sisters was a constant delight.


5. Pearl spells it “flazéda.”
clipshow 05

She also thinks that the accent above the e is called a hyphen.


6. There apparently wasn’t much of a budget for the “Born Naked” music video.clipshow 06

I’m not even sure that VHS effect was a filter.


7. Kandy Ho was a contestant.
clipshow 07

Did anyone else literally forget that she existed until they showed a clip of her?


8. “She done already done had herses” isn’t just total nonsense.
clipshow 08

Only Ru could hear something at a fast food joint one time and milk it as a catchphrase for years.


9. Everyone thinks Pearl is hot.clipshow 09

That’s not a surprise by itself, but I was shocked that there weren’t other reasons for including her in the Top 3.


10. This season actually wasn’t that boring.
clipshow 10

It just would have worked better as a two-hour special than a three-month ordeal.


Did the clip show change your opinion on who you think should snatch the crown? Are you #TeamPearl, #TeamGinger, or #TeamViolet? Only one more week until we have a winner!