RuPaul's Drag Race: Top 5 Looks That Got Read on the Runway But Shouldn't Have

Contributing Author: Star LaBranche

5. BenDeLaCreme in Rose Quartz

Season 6: Episode 11: Glitter Ball

BenDeLaCreme Dripping in Jewels 01

Comments from the judges:

BenDeLaCreme Dripping in Jewels 02Michelle Visage: She made comments about having already seen this look and stated that she was afraid that this was all DeLa had to offer the competition.

Santino Rice: He agreed with Michelle that DeLa didn’t surprise him with her looks.

Bob Mackie: He was particularly harsh on DeLa. He said that he likes rose quartz the best and he didn’t like her dress. Later, he compared it to an old Betty Grable outfit.

Khloe Kardashian: Khloe added that her dress looked cheap.

Real talk:

DeLa’s elimination from this episode was almost as stunning as the negative feedback that she received on her Dripping in Jewels Eleganza outfit. She had made her dress in classic and classy DeLa-style. She looked both feminine, cute, and glamorous. Even Courtney Act was confused by the criticism and thought that DeLa’s outfit was the best of the night. It’s true that DeLa had worn something similar before during the Rusicle runway in Episode 4, but she looked great then and she looked great for the Glitter Ball.

 4. Detox as a Jellyfish

Season 5: Episode 5: Snatch game

detox icunt jellyfiesh dress spinning

Comments from the judges:

Detox Icunt Jellyfish DressMichelle Visage: Starting the ball rolling, Michelle told Detox that her side silhouette is too big and told her she looked like a, “Ball with legs”. She also implied that she found the look disappointing, telling Detox that she’s fiercer than her outfit.

Real talk:

This outfit was so breathtaking and fitting for the theme. The sea theme was something that a lot of people took in different directions. Ivy Winters was an adorable goldfish, Alaska walked the runway with an actual fish, Alyssa Edwards wore a mermaid dress, and so on. Detox’s idea to wear a dress that mimicked the jelly fish’s shape was brilliant and inspired. She looked stunning out on that runway. Her perfect legs were sexy, while the poofy layers of the dress were alluring and elegant.

3. Sharon Needles as a Magazine Mogul

Season 4: Episode 7: Dragazines

Sharon Needles Dragazine Runway 02

Comments from the judges:

Sharon Needles Dragazine Runway 01Regina King: When asked for her thoughts, Regina liked Sharon’s overall look and outfit, but got caught up on the whiteout contacts that she was wearing. She told Sharon that the eyes scare her. She added, “Everything else is pretty and elegant, but it creeps me out.”

Michelle Visage: She also seemed to like the outfit, but thought it wasn’t enough. She told Sharon that she was waiting to see full-on glam. She wanted Sharon to come out with no contacts and no goth look. “Just once!” she insisted.

Real talk:

Sharon defended her look on the runway, stating that her contacts are her trademark. And she was right! Sharon rocks her dark and sinister look with style and class. She also proved early on in the competition that she was able to do glamour after she walked the runway in Episode 3: Glamazons vs. Champions for their girly fashion show. Her contacts work and there’s no reading needed.

 2. Alyssa Edwards in Telenovela Realness

Season 5: Episode 9: Drama Queens

Alyssa Edwards Telenovela Runway 01

Comments from the judges:

Alyssa Edwards Telanovela RunwaySantino Rice: He held no punches when asked his thoughts about this outfit. He declared it, “One of the worst I’ve ever seen in 5 seasons.” He went on to label it a mess that just confused him. During the private discussion, Santino announced that he would fire whoever made that for her.

RuPaul: Quick wittedly, after Santino mentioned firing the dress maker, Ru joked that Aylssa’s grandmother may have been the creator.

Real talk:

Okay, so the dress wasn’t exactly the greatest thing a queen has ever worn down the runway. But one of the worst? Really? There was a lot going on, but it wasn’t that bad. Alyssa looked stunning in her outfit. It wasn’t just the dress that makes a runway look, but the whole package. The dress fit her well, coordinated with her accessories, and had plenty of sparkle. Maybe it wasn’t the best, but it was far from being the worst.

1. Every fucking thing Pandora Boxx wore in Season 2

Real talk:

Santino never had anything nice to say about Pandora’s looks. No matter what she was wearing, he didn’t like it. He later admitted to not being a fan of her style. But from saying that she was rocking a crack whore look to saying that it was easier to be a character rather than herself, it was clear that Santino wasn’t waiting with bated breath for a Pandora Boxx line of clothes. Things didn’t improve during All Stars either. But never mind him, Pandora. We think your runway looks were fierce!