Has RuPaul's Drag Race Been Typecasting Queens?

Start your engines racers! Filming on RuPauls Drag Race Season Seven is over and (not) soon enough we will be watching the eleganza unfold on our TV screens! Throughout the seasons of Drag Race, America has found its “Amen” for drag. The show has featured many different styles and types of performers. Have you ever noticed, though, that each cast seems to have a few of the same personality types?

Drag Race is, after all, a television show and not just a search for ‘Americas Best Drag Queen.’  Of course there will be “casting” involved. Perhaps, however there is also some “typecasting”…

Looking at it objectively, it seems every season has had a “Bitch,” an “Innocent Girl,” a “Seasoned Vet,” a “Saucy Lady” and a few other types. Obviously World of Wonder and Logo have noticed that the right mix of personalities leads to fan fervor, ratings and a paid light bill!

Here is a breakdown – in bright shiny pictures – to give Dragaholic fans an idea of what we mean:


These are the girls who came not to play, but to win. They weren’t at summer camp, they were at war! Bearing in mind that Drag Race is a reality show and some of these supposed “bitches” might actually be lovely ladies in real life, on TV they came across as hunties! One bitch who hasn’t been hurt by the “label” is Phi Phi O’Hara, who turned her competitive drive into a hit single “Bitchy.” (available on iTunes). Carmen’s got a whole new gender and modeling career happening. Gia, well she will always be known as the girl who told sweet Joslyn Fox that her outfit “looked like a fucking dumpster,” thus earning her place in the Drag Race quotables Hall of Fame!



This group of ladies, whether seasoned or not, come across as “new” to the drag scene compared to the other contestants. They can be the ones who start out a little less polished or confident and then blossom before our eyes. They can seem to have timid personalities but remember innocence can be deceptive. Jade Jolie was as sweet as can be until pushed too far – then we heard the epic read “Girl if I was gonna judge anyone I would judge you on that body where the shoulders should match them hips!” escape from her sweet mouth. Joslyn Fox may have been portrayed as a wide-eyed Courtney Act superfan but she stood up to Gia Gunn in a heartbeat. And pretty, pretty Lashauwn Beyond was quietly sitting in a corner until she had had it – officially – and declared the ultimate quotable quote, “This ain’t RuPaul’s Best Friend Race!” The innocent ladies can tend to place as “safe,” and fly under the radar for a bit. Do not, however, underestimate their abilities. After all, they were chosen over of thousands of other queens who auditioned. That means they do have what it takes to go the distance. The lovely Tatianna made it all the way to fourth place in Season Two, beating out verbally bolder queens like Morgan McMichaels and Mystique Summers Madison.



This is an elite group consisting of, as Chad Michaels would say, “professional” entertainers. Some have had over ten years experience performing in drag. These ladies are seasoned in all the right ways and usually do exceptionally well through their season – minus a few early departures. They confidently embody what drag means to them, based on their experiences and environment. Each of the queens in this category has her unique qualities that captivate both the audience and the judges. These ladies also love to keep the other girls on their toes. Raja ruled her season from day one. Vivacious, though she left early, did not hesitate to call out her fellow cast members as #ShadyApes.



These ladies aren’t afraid to stir a little drama or to speak their minds. They serve it with a twist in every single episode. They are not afraid to get under the others’ skin because ultimately they see Drag Race as what it is – a competition. Some may leave early and some may get pushed out –  like Willam Belli, when he became the first contestant to ever be kicked off Drag Race for “breaking the rules.” Many feel this move by World of Wonder backfired, as it skyrocketed Willam into everyone’s hearts. Honestly who doesn’t love a badass? Even Sharon Needles was jealous!



These ladies are one of a kind! They possess independent personalities and spirits with sometimes outrageous looks to match. Tammie Brown is a perfect example. Whether “walking children in Nature” or ripping the runway on season one, she certainly marches to the beat of her own drum and America loves it! In season two, no queen could “out-rebel” celebrity guest judge Tatum O’Neal. From her childhood victory at the Oscars, to her stormy marriage to tennis star John McEnroe and her very public turbulent relationship with her father, Tatum has never been attached to the word “traditional.” Season four’s Dwayne Milan “Swiffered” the runway with her taint – and we lived for it! Season five’s Alaska Thunderfuck  is so creative and original, every thing she did on, or has done since Drag Race, just places her in a class of her own! Most recently on Drag Race Milk was preggers, bearded and Pinocchio – and is now serving her club kid drag to sold out audiences around the globe.  Back in season three Mimi Imfurst took her independent nature in a different direction – turning Ru’s runway into a WWE Smackdown. One way or another, the Rebels never fail to entertain!



Everyone loves a laugh and Bianca del Rio has proved to be one of the funniest queens of all time, booking shows all over the world with her sassy jokes and crowd reads. Alyssa Edwards’ pieces to camera (“Backrolls?!?”) were the comedic gems of season five. No one wanted her to get sent home because she was so witty and hilarious! These funny ladies are not afraid to let us know exactly what they think – with no filter.



These are the girls who left us gagging on their eleganza! Ripping Ru’s runway each time with just the right amount of bass in their walk, they served some of the most amazing drag looks ever seen on Drag Race. Every time Raja stepped on the runway it was pure divinity. Whether her castmates thought she didn’t follow the rules never mattered to this ‘Diamond Crowned Queen’ because, ultimately, she did come out on top! Love her or hate her, Laganja Estranja also deserves mention in this area. With her legs for days, train for months and face for years, Laganja Estranja shut it down with every runway look presented. You can tell these girls take their drag looks very seriously and go for a complete presentaton.


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