A Status Update About Drag Race UK From Michelle Visage & RuPaul

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In the seventh episode of RuPaul’s bi-weekly podcast ‘What’s The Tee?’, Michelle Visage reveals the details of her lunch meeting with Jonathan Ross, the British talk show host who has purchased the UK rights to produce a version of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Michelle told RuPaul about the conversation with Jonathan:

[quote]He’s a huge fan of the show and he believes what I believe: that people want you; the people don’t want another drag queen. 100%. And when I told him that you were down to do it he was like ‘What?! This changes everything.’ Absolutely! This is the way it’s supposed to be…. There’s a huge following [in the UK] that they don’t want anybody else, they want Ru. And the the third person would be that Brit who would tie it all together. You. Me. Third Brit.”[/quote]

RuPaul responded by saying, “Let’s do it! I’m ready for it, I’m ready for it…. so, what’s the next step? He’s got to pitch it to a network?”

Michelle continued: “That’s the next step…. So he is now doing his part, and we take it from there. He says he feels likes it’s a no-brainer.”

Listen to the seventh episode of ‘What’s The Tee?’ to hear the full conversation. This week, RuPaul and Michelle are joined by Mathu Andersen, Ru’s personal makeup artist, and they kiki about “loss of memory with age, growth/interaction on social media, Mathu’s enormous effect on Ru’s career and his rise to makeup superstardom.”

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