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Rupert Everett: Even Bad Straight Actors Like Jennifer Aniston Are Still Treated Better In Hollywood Than I Am

Everlasting killjoy Rupert Everett isn’t content with commiserating (with himself) over his failed film career. He wants to bring Jennifer Aniston down with him.

No stranger to blaming his coming out for his failed career, Everett does concede to BBC Radio 4’s Evan Davis that he’s “got nothing, in one sense, to complain about,” because dude is rich — or at least lives a life that’s “slightly about the middle” class. (Though he still finds things to complain about.) That doesn’t mean, however, that Everett wouldn’t like be welcomed back into Hollywood’s good graces.

Except, he says, the “heterosexual pecking order” means the film industry protect the breeders, no matter how inept they are at opening movies. Actors like Jennifer Aniston (whom Everett mentions by name) and Jake Gyllenhaal (whom he doesn’t, but no matter how much this blogger believes Jake to be talented and pretty, he frustrates studio execs to no end) mean Everett is forced to do “drag” roles. He’s been put into second-, or even third- or fourth-class status because of his sexuality, and there’s no coming back from it. In the meantime, straight actors like Colin Firth are getting the roles Everett should be.

Does it matter if actors who play straight, then, are gay? “No, because audience have a completely different perception of performers than the business. But the business is what makes the stars, really.” Does that mean he disagrees with the Richard Chamberlains of the word, who recommend gay actors stay in the closet? Nope. “I think it’s very sensible” to keep quiet about being gay, he says.

So does he have any regrets about being open about his sexuality, something that folks like Kevin Spacey refuse to do? Well he still maintains that doing so killed his career, but as for wishing he didn’t do it? Nah. And he couldn’t have stayed in the closet anyhow, he says, because he was a “sex maniac … who wanted to go to raves and circuit parties.”

Oh just say it, Rupert: Colin Firth (despite what you think of his Mamma Mia performance) has the career you always wanted.