Rupert Everett: “I Can’t Think Of Anything Worse Than Being Brought Up By Two Gay Dads”

[My mother] still wishes I had a wife and kids. She  thinks children need a father and a mother and I agree with her. I can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads. Some people might not agree with that. Fine! That’s just my opinion. I’m not speaking on behalf of the gay community. In fact, I don’t feel like I’m part of any ‘community.’ The only community I belong to is humanity and we’ve got too many children on the planet, so it’s good not to have more.”

Openly gay actor Rupert Everett, disapproving of gay families, in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph.

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  • JoeWatchesTV

    Actually registered so that I could say publicly that Rupert Everett should STFU. Some people are just contrarians. He has a problem with everything. Boo.

  • PhilipATL


    Bet you will feel part of our community when you need something!

  • londonbridge

    He blames not getting hired in Hollywood on being Gay. Maybe it’s because he’s just an

  • richg813

    Well, my opinion of him has dropped immensely, even if he was cute in “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” Yep, I’m done with him.

  • only1deenus

    My partner and I (both men) have 4 children and they have a great life. They don’t have any issues with having 2 dad’s and are very secure in who they are and know how loved they are. It doesn’t matter the gender of the parents, it only matters that the kids HAVE parents that love them, support them and help them to grow into who they were meant to be.

  • Gigi Gee

    If he’s looking to win DOUCHE OF THE YEAR he’s well on his way. I think he’s taken a page out Ann Coultergeist’s book called: 101 Desperate Ways To Stay Relevant.

  • oilburner

    I somewhat agree with. RUPERT lol i also think kids need both a mom and a dad.

  • cosmicbayer

    A child needs a mother and a father with Republican badges so that child can properly develop into a homophobic predator so his bigotted maggots for parents can send him out in the world as their proxies to beat up, murder or otherwise torment gay young people so they commit suicide. Those bigotted parents live vicariously through their child’s actions.

    If a child is to be raised without such Republican, militant Christian or toothless redneck trailer trash goals in mind, then gay parents are equally capable as a straight mother and father in raising children. Kids of gay parents get taught tolerance at a level not usually possible in a mom-and-dad household unless they are socially liberal.

  • Aidan8

    Um, Rupert, how ’bout a nice big cup of shut-the-fuck-up.

  • Aidan8

    Rupert can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads…. Might I suggest watching a Rupert Everett film as a start?

  • zaneymcbanes

    Ms Everett’s just bitter that children shriek in terror when they see her cold, dead face.

  • anubis0614

    Rupert might I compare thee to a Summer’s Eve…for thou art a dousche !!!

  • Joseph Izak

    Along with Paul Ryan , he is now a douche bag…..

  • BiL

    Hey Rupert I never knew that you were a self loathing gay. You should get together with Marcus Bachman. He has a lot in common with you.

  • Spike

    Now serving Rupert, angry bitter sad gay, seating for one.

    Makes you wonder why he feels the need to share such an opinion. Says more about him then the topic he is commenting on.

  • cosmicbayer

    Hey Rupert,

    Why don’t you and Marcus Bachman give rimming lessons over at Exodus International? :-D

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Rupert was raised by a mother and father, and look how he turned out.

  • Eric Auerbach

    Pretty funny how he’s got all you ladies’ panties in a bunch. (I bet at least one of you gasped and “clutched the pearls.”) Keep pissing off the “community,” Rupert! We need more people like you.

  • hornybeast

    well, guess he’s trying bring up the issue as concern troll here, everyone wants belonging, either with kids or not, family is hard define, straight family fucked up all the time. Family is good thing for people to care each other, but that’s not always that way.
    single person can live happily with animal and nature, and still can be very active and participate in society and communities in all kinds of ways.
    as gay, doesn’t mean one has to support with no conditions and personal interest, to all gay-political-correct related issues, can be against or be ignorant, cause everyone got their individual life to live, there are fights to battle, but not live to fight , while expressing this statement, as a public figure, he may need more privacy and respect on personal points of views, by talking an issue like this, it’s already some kind political claim of right. who says gay got be open, gay can be conservative, then again any tag for gay, for ideologies is quite unnecessary, I guess that’s a start, gay or not, we need to listen our own voice, as a individual.

  • MMDD

    Just what we need: another self-loathing homosexual in the public eye. Actually, I can’t think of anything worse than that.

  • Joincny

    @Eric Auerbach: Really Eric? Really?

  • tjport1980

    How about being brought up in a home where you’re not loved, accepted or even kicked out for being Gay ? It doesn’t matter what gender or how many parents you have as long as they love and care for you ! What a Douche comment !

  • Aidan8

    @Eric Auerbach: Methinks Eric has a secret stash of pearls in her dresser…. for those special occasions in front of her full-length mirror… lol

  • dvlaries

    If he’s this nasty for the record, God help anybody who’s got to endure him in private. I wonder how rapidly he goes through household help. And if that picture is recent, it looks like the plastic surgery has half-crashed.

  • tazz602

    What do you expect from this self hating “coming out ruined my career” actor. You know, maybe it’s talent Rupert – not the fact that you are gay. I’m so tired of anyone paying attention to this now D-List and falling fast actor.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Aidan8: Special occasions? Honey, I’m wearing them right now.

  • Dresden

    Well, he certainly has a right to his own opinions, however unfortunate they may seem to be. As long as he remains in a position where he’s unable to inflict the ramifications of such opinions upon the rest of us, let him say whatever he wants.

    As far as him stating that he doesn’t feel like part of the gay community, I’m fine with that and would be more that happy to hold him to it… too bad that’s not how it works.


  • Billysees

    @only1deenus: Re 5 “My partner and I…

    Beautifully and meaningfully said.

  • Rockery

    This bitter old queen is on the attack! Rupert, let’s not get ridiculous here….

  • Rockery

    I am not sure if I like his new face or not

  • jeff4justice

    Fuck this tool.

    Didn’t he do a movie with Madonna about unconventional families?

  • LaTeesha

    Gurl, I wouldn’t take parenting advice from yo’ momma. What kinda momma dumps her seven year old baby in a boarding school? That bitch be cray. It’s no wonder you cray, too, Rupert.

  • BayAreaHomo

    No doubt that when someone says “a gay man cannot be a decent actor,” he’ll be running to the community for support.

  • jamal49

    Really, Rupie? Personally, I can’t think of anything worse than watching you in a film.

    Now, please sit down and shut up.

  • Cee

    I don’t know who this guy is, but there’s enough absent fathers in the world. I think two is better than none. At least gay men want to be fathers, unlike so many heterosexual men that abandon their kids and don’t even pay child support. All of the heterosexual losers that make babies and don’t take care of them. I’m glad to have a mother and father, but there is nothing wrong with two gay fathers. One is gonna be like a mother anyway lol

  • GeriHew

    Well he isn’t actually gay anyway. He’s bisexual. So maybe he should make his old mum happy and marry a nice girl and have just one child with her.

  • ningko

    I dun’t think he’s gay.. I tink he is a closeted straight guy… He is worse than a straight guy.. And this is my opinion…

  • MMDD

    @GeriHew: He’s a bisexual who hates the gay side of himself. Apparently he has a boyfriend right now. Geez, I can’t imagine how agonizing that must be for both parties involved. And I agree: He’s dated women long-term in the past and apparently been quite comfortable doing it, so he should just find him a woman of whom his mother approves, settle down with her, have a few kids, and then forget all this “gay” business.

    @Dumdum: He’s self-loathing not just because of this comment but because of other comments he’s made. His statement about gay dads is unquestionably homophobic, and since he’s a homo…or a bi guy…or queer (meaning he ain’t straight), then “self-loathing” sounds like a pretty accurate description. Oh…and yeah, he’s an opinionated jerk too.

  • gppm1103

    A lot of those kids are adopted. Would he rather they just didn’t have parents at all?

    What a stupid jerk.

  • Dumdum

    @MMDD: Why is it that every time a gay person makes a negative statement they are labeled a self-loathing homosexual,is there any other kind?You would know about that right?I understand the psychological need to post comments but I seriously doubt that some hack British actor will read these posts.Clearly the man has some damage.Children need loving homes and there is no shortage of children who need them.Miss Auerbach.I am sure that there are other more interesting and important ways to piss off the community.No doubt that you know all of them.Perhaps we post to earn the distinction of making the list.Aidan8 carries that bit of celebrity I think. Comment of the week or month or something.Aidan8.Is that from the Being Human series? UK or US? Both are pretty good.Aidan Turner who plays John Mitchell the vampire in the UK series is very handsome.But pound for pound I would put my money on Sam Witwer he is drop dead gorgeous as Aidan Waite the vampire in the US series.O.M.G. Aidan Waite/Aidan8. Do you look like him? I may swoon! L.O.L.

  • biguy

    Had to sign up to say this self hating loser is full of shit, kids need as much support as they can get.

  • MartinDK

    Gays can be as good parents, but neither gay or straight men can be a Mother, and of course children need their mother. It is as easy for men to be lesbian as it is to be mothers. There are real differences between the sexes. Each sex has something to contribute. It is possible to have kids together outside of a relationship and share the care. This much better than conceiving fatherless or motherless children.
    Half the commenters here are just thrashing Rupert Everett and go for the man rather than the ball, which is quite convenient as these people have as much practical insight in children as they have with space travel.
    It is highly unpopular to say so, but you people are so selfish you refuse to even open yourselves to the possibility that a child can benefit from knowing both biological parents, because you might not like the result. Parenting is about setting your own interests aside for the child. Some here seem to find this difficult…

  • Cam

    Oh Rupert Everett…

    You mean the guy that got MULTIPLE big movies after he came out, and after a bunch of them bombed and he wasn’t getting hired to do the big movies anymore blamed coming out of the closet on why he wasn’t a HUGE star? THAT Rupert Everett?

    Please, the guy is so angry and self hating it’s ridiculous.

    At least Elton John realized what a douche he was when he at first claimed civil unions were the same as marraige.

  • samwise343

    Ugh. I haven’t this sick since I attended a Rupert Everett film marathon.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Uhmmm, is this the same Rupert who was hated by his family, hated his family, and became of call-boy to avoid his heterosexual parents? Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is that same Rupert.

  • Troy

    I just feel sorry for this man. Whatever, as long as I can have a beautiful family without having to give Mr. Everett a second thought, I’m happy.


    your crackpot-ism is worse than the religious bigots’ because you claim some measure of scientific rationality for your deeply conservative essentialist prescriptive notions of gender and how it pertains to child rearing. your pseudoscientific jungian nostrums are as antithetical to the progress of our rights as they are to reason itself.

    prove me wrong by citing the scientific or sociological basis for your claims about the child’s “need” for a mother.

    what, will any ole female suffice…or only the biological mother…how motherly does that mother have to be…what if she’s not very motherly at all… or rather atypically female; or VERY butch — what in your OPINION will she bring or fail to bring to the party?


    you deal in reductive crude stereotypes. this animus/anima crap was over, like, 50 years ago; it’s no different from the Christian right’s trope about marriage’s function being about uniting men and women’s opposite and unique natures. no it fucking well doesn’t…we’re not crude interchangeable binary units of male and female… we contain multitudes…and yet we’re individuals: we are beautifully unfathomable.

    significantly, “mother” is also a recognised as a verb, without regard to gender or biological affiliation; another word for it is to “love”. simple, really.

    jung, like the various religious texts, is best regarded as richly poetic works of the imagination, but certainly not as manuals for living.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @proudtobedad: “Creativity. Passion. Compassion.”?

  • LaTeesha

    @MartinDK: Rupey, that you, Baby? It’s ok. Let all that rage out. I know it must have been tough being abandoned by yo’ momma when you were 7. It’s ok. We understand. You just be cray.

  • erikwm

    Everett can’t think of ANYTHING worse? I guess he’s never watched his work in “The Next Best Thing.”

  • Niall

    He could have just said “I’m not interested in raising kids as a gay man” and be done with it. He’s an idiot for also spreading his comments to include gay dads who have actually raised fine children.

    And did anyone ask him of his opinion of lesbian mothers? Does he think two dads=bad, but two mums=good?

  • MartinDK

    @PRINCE OF SNARKNESS aka DIVKID: Perhaps you can cite some scientific evidence for your brand of pathetic nonsense? Hm, no? You mention the progress of your rights and you are happy to further those rights by letting poor indian women be surrogate mothers for gay mens children. To have the babies they have borne taken from them forever after experiencing the emotions coupled to pregnancy, and exchanged for money! How “beautifully unfathomable”.
    You are moral slime and your pseudointellectual queer theory is not just worthless but directly hurtful to human life. These theories break down all that gives meaning and purpose to human life, and leave people rootless and unfulfilled, prone to depression and substance abuse, in precisely the same way as primitive people (american indians etc) became alcoholics when their beliefs were destroyed by the meeting with civilization.
    It is a crime to deny a child access to its heritage, to block its access to its biological parents. Some children may not care, but others will feel it as a wound that will never heal.

    If you are ignorant of the importance of the mother to a child then i cant help you. The theme of mother and child has bern dealt with endlessly in art. Lately in the Disney cartoon Brave. There will never be an objective scientific measurement of a childs love for its mother, so i guess for you it doesnt exist.
    You should have read real philosophy, like Schopenhauer and not the pseudointellectual babble taught in your local campus workshop on queer theory. But then that would take real brains and the ability to think, as opposed to reproduce the fashionable nonsense of the time. If you had those brains you would know that psyche is all the exists a priori. All else is idea. Nonsense? Take the sun. What is it? Describe it. Do you think your description and idea of sun is different from a solar phycisist? Do you think your idea of sun is the final there will ever be? If you do then you are truly stupid. The psyche is the observer, and it cannot observe itself only as an object. It will always be subjective.
    You know nothing of Jung so dont presume to lecture on how to read him. His psychology is not an attempt to describe metaphysical reality. It is a model that explains behaviour. But you wouldnt know the difference, would you??

  • samwise343

    @MartinDK: Since studies clearly show that gay parents are equally or better than straight parents, what proof do you have that the studies are flawed? Why are you so focused on a motherless child? What do you think about a couple of lesbians? If a mother loses her husband due to death, do you think that she should be legally required to marry again? If a gay couple is raising a child, do you expect that the child is shielded from the influences outside the home, (for example, school) ?


    one of the “privileged” on Planet Earth,hangs out with the right crowd……why does he have a VOICE in the media at all?

  • biguy

    @MartinDK: Don’t cite Jung as evidence in support of YOUR pseudointellectual bullshit. American Indians are prone to alcohol abuse because of genetics, not because western civilization took a shit on their societies.

    There is a difference between requiring females for birth and requiring them to be primary caregivers in order to raise well-adjusted children. Seriously what the FUCK difference does it make about the observational nature of the psyche when we aren’t talking about some exercise in self-indulgent solipsism, but rather instilling children with the capacity to make healthy attachments to other people?

  • markcontini

    Well it really shows that Everett is just a very bitter person because his just about at the end of his show business and I would really like to know what his partner had to say about his statement on Gay Parents?? If he is still around. I liked Everett for many years and have seen him on the streets of London which made my day at times, but now i will see him with another pair of eyes, he is to much of a mess as a person in many peoples hearts now. I am sure that your showbiz friends feel the same about you after saying what you think of Gay Parents!!!! I only had a Mother all of my life and I really feel that I did not miss out on not having a Father, For someone that has been around the world a few times, you think like someone that has lived in a small town in Texas and think like people in those town!!!! I really do not feel sorry for you, we all make our beds to sleep in!!! I hope you do not own any pets either!!!! “Poor Pets” What a MESS you are.

  • MartinDK

    @samwise343: Like i wrote gays are ogmf course equally good parents. Two men cannot compensate for the missing mother. It makes a difference that you have been carried by your mother. They never did that. A child will very often fantasize about or desire to know its missing mother. It is our instinct, our basic behaviour. Two gay men ought to share a child with a single woman instead of using an egg donor and a surrogate uterus in India…

  • MartinDK

    @biguy: I believe i cited Disney and not Jung. You have weak reading skills. To answer your other points then a “scientific” proof was demanded from me, and i clearly explained why that is futile and indicative of feeble intellect.
    Your interesting conjecture about the genetic basis of indian alcoholism is however within the reach of science to answer, only im afraid science doesnt support your view, as the same reaction is seen in inuits, amazonas indians and original tribes in africa souteast asia etc etc.
    I do however cite Jung at my convenience, and i do so with confidence knowing i have actually studied Jung as opposed to you who read the wikipedia summary…

  • MartinDK

    To all who doubt or deny the validity of Jung’s psychology: think about why Hollywood produces so many Jungian films if these ideas hold no power? Pirates of the Caribbean, Madagascar 3, Brave (one long sring of Jungian images), John Carter, Batman (very Jungian) etc… Why? Because they do hold power and strike something within the audience.

  • Boytoy

    There is nothing worse than a homosexual who is a supporter of heterosexual supremacy.This is sad.

  • MartinDK

    @Boytoy: No sad are those people who like Ciderellas step-sisters are willing to chop off a heel or a toe to make the shoe fit, and who care nothing for individuals and their feelings when they promote their pet political project. Its called totalitarianism, it has really proud traditions.

  • Marvin Vann

    I can think of lots of worse things, including: being Rupert Everett, having to listen to Rupert Everett. My mom also had pithy wise sayings, like “If you can’t say something intelligent, shut the hell up.” My dad, the mechanic, too: “The loudest machines are the old clunkers about to stop working.”

  • Joincny

    My sister, who is a lesbian, has two children with her partner. They’re both wonderful parents. Their children don’t lack for any male role models as they have several uncles and of course two grandfathers. The children are well adjusted and popular.

  • pattygale

    What a crock !! Talk about generalizations! Just because YOU may be selfish or unskilled in raising kids, don’t throw that onto other people. My dad was a big, hulking, football playing jock who shared every bit of responsibility with my mom. She went to a 2 week convention in Sweden when we were 10 and 11 years old. My mom would laugh because all the other wives were panicking about spouses washing clothes, getting to doctor appts or karate practice, making dinner. Our household ran just as smoothly no matter which parent was in charge. My partner and I will decide when the time is right if we want children, and if we do, we’ll make great parents. By the way, that big macho dad of mine, accepted me, my partner, and our lifestyle without a blink

  • Wotan

    His remarks might be credible if he had been reared by two gay dads. They simply have no meaning and should simply be ignored.

  • samwise343

    @MartinDK: After reading that post and your other replies, you seem a tad crazy. Good luck.

  • princedeligne

    Rupert is naive at the very least. Clearly he has no idea of what the foundation of a family is. It’s unfortunate and I hope he meant to say something else?

    Love and family have no gender. There are thousands of unwanted children in foster care in the United States that need a “family” of some sort- what difference does it make if it’s two women or two men?

  • shikara

    I can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by parents expressing hatred and disdain of a people. Obviously Rupert is incapable of thinking for himself. I can only hope that in the future he will understand that hating a particular group of people is unwelcome.

  • Aaron

    @MartinDK: “in precisely the same way as primitive people (american indians etc) became alcoholics when their beliefs were destroyed by the meeting with civilization.”

    No matter what points you may have been attempting to make, you showed your complete lack of understanding of culture or history, and you total bigotry with this statement. The native Americans were hardly “primitive” and in many ways were more “civilized” than the shoot first and ask questions later settlers/invaders that killed 90% of them in their greed for land and gold.

  • johnconroy5

    @cosmicbayer: LOL

  • johnconroy5

    So why is it just gay parenting? if he feels so strongly about a mother and father why doesn’t he go out there denouncing single mothers or fathers? is it because the public backlash would be too much for 1 angry old queen to cope with?! he can only spit small mouthfuls of stupidity at a time (probably by request of his agent/spin doctor) when an opinion hurts and angers others and especially if you’ll never participate in the production of what you are talking about then you should just keep your mouth shut and be nice!

  • D9W

    Well I will remember this when one of his movies comes out! He’s not going to get my cash.

  • joebatch

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Guy,you owe me repairs on my computer!! That was beyond funny,I spit a mouthful of coffee all over my keyboard when I read it.

  • Rabbit

    I think bad plastic surgery is worse than being raised by two gay dads. There you go, Rupert, someone else has an opinion. Go fuck yourself.

  • EvonCook

    As usual, what a fester of bitchy, angry, frustrated, and nasty queens! Guys, look in the mirror and listen to what you are saying.
    First of all, context is everything, and since we did not see or even hear the whole interview, any wise, reasonable and respectful person would reserve judgement and not spew vindictive hate like a bunch of zionists who can’t stand any criticism and start screaming and counter attacking with cries of anti-semitism at the slightest second thought about their self-serving views.
    Secondly, he should be able to voice his opinion without people jumping down his throat as if he has just attacked a universal community value or assassinated a patron saint. I mean are we now going to outdo the mullahs of Iran in attacking anyone who disagrees with something some people want? Rupert Rushdie???
    Are we so insecure or nervous or desperate for a place at the table that like the black community who have for decades been among the most virulent anti-gay, are we ready to turn on anyone or anything that might make us look or seem less than the American ideal or who we can push beneath us to seem a little higher on the acceptability totem pole?
    Fourthly, not all of us are assimilationists, anxious to fulfill the ideal victorian family vision (or marriage for that matter), or think that that is healthy or even the best way for gays to contribute on the planet. And, finally, he certainly has a point about the over abundance of children these days, and very indulged, spoiled children at that. Simply put, not all gays approve of or agree with the lesbian led gay family initiative that seems to drive the present day gay agenda, but which to some of us is abrogating the very thing which makes gay men special and unique. Now. on the subject of two gay dads, I have to respectfully disagree with sexy Rupert. That would have been my dream team (and more than one wet dream) at a time when there were far too many holier-than-thou heterosexuals in my life.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Eric Auerbach: Why? Since you have this opinion, why not explain and qualify it? Why do you think gay dads are terrible and why do you think that the gay community needs to be angered? Thanks in advance. :)

  • ChiChi Man

    The only real difference between same sex parents and hetero parents is that most gay parents have to go through far more hoops to become parents. Gays don’t accidentally become parents. We consider, we plan, we save, we struggle.

    I think Everett is self-hating. Not simply because I disagree with his position, but because he believes that he inherently lacks something that a straight couple provides. He believes he’s not good enough to be a parent and that no child (even an orphan) would benefit from his influence. He’s clearly a sad, bitter gay man – disapproved of by his mother, disappointed in his career and his disastrous plastic surgeries. I guess stirring this pot is a cry for attention.

  • 1willynilly

    Yes, indeed. Finalist for douche of the year!

  • garyrpk

    @JoeWatchesTV: I think Rupert Everett’s background (according to Wikipedia) gives clues to his “contrarian” nature: “[H]e left school at 16 and ran away to London to become an actor. In order to support himself, he worked as a male prostitute for drugs and money as he later admitted to US magazine in 1997. After being dismissed from the Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London) for insubordination….” Acting out/speaking out for the negative attention it provides is something I’ve never quite understood.

    I’ve also never understood reporting irrelevant news merely for the controversy (e.g., negative attention) it generates. Unless Rupert Everett is actually a child-rearing expert, his excerpted opinions on parenting are pretty much irrelevant, and have been reported merely for the Queerty website hits it will generate. A former runaway, prostitute and drug addict seems an unlikely source for RELEVANT quotes on gay parenting.

  • GeriHew

    @MMDD: Regarding Mr Everett’s bisexuality, we already know he has had several affairs with women because he has told us so himself. However what he hasn’t yet revealed to us, and what I strongly suspect, is that he is the biological father of someone fairly famous. And if I’m right about this, then I rather doubt that it is something which will, or can, remain a secret forever.

  • MMDD

    @GeriHew: Hmmm, interesting. I haven’t heard anything about that.

  • richardb2837

    he might as well be mitt romney’s brother

  • Mario

    Honestly Rupert, just because you are an old irrelevant has been that can’t be part of saide shows circus for geriatric freaks let alone any upstanding community that is fighting for the rights of people you dismiss as commoners, you eliteist prick. Don’t project just to get some form publicity, you silly Trout fool!!!

  • Mario

    Honestly Rupert, just because you are an old irrelevant has been that can’t be part of side shows circus for geriatric freaks let alone any upstanding community that is fighting for the rights of people you dismiss as commoners, you eliteist prick. Don’t project just to get some form publicity, you silly Trout fool!!!

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