Change Of Focus

Rupert Everett Is “Over Sex”

Rupert Everett

In an interview with the Guardian, Rupert Everett talks about his renewed focus on his work and evolving passions. It seems that as the actor has gotten older, his priorities have changed. Gone are the days of pub hopping in different cities and indulging in the local fare.

“That was all years ago,” he tells the Guardian. “It’s not how I’d approach a city now. Sex has passed me by. It’s over! I’ve spent most of my adult life, since the age of 10, thinking almost exclusively about sex, and getting it, or recovering from it. But it’s all smoke and mirrors to me now.”

While he may not be focused on sex, he’s not celibate or at least denying his longtime boyfriend the satisfaction.

“Sex isn’t really over. I’m just not motivated by it any more, and I used to be motivated by it purely. I think that happens to a man; it’s part of a midlife crisis. But it’s been quite nice, in a way, because I do lots of other things instead. Since it stopped, that major driving force, I’ve felt much calmer.”

While he’s not motivated by sex, the idea of working is what thrills him now including his recent turn on stage as Oscar Wilde in “The Judas Kiss.” A part he feels he was born to play.

“I do have a really strong notion of Wilde,” he says. “I see him very clearly. He was blinded by success, blinded by stardom, and never understood, ever in his life, that he was vile to his wife – but I think his flaws are touching and great. I love him for his faults and his snobbery.”

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[Photo: Hamish Brown]