Gay Actor Gets Bitchy (Again)

Rupert Everett Questions Clooney’s Sexuality

Rupert Everett simply can’t stop talking shit! The gay actor recently ripped into Kate Moss and former friend Madonna for their “terrible” style. Now Everett’s making waves for his comments on some of Hollywood’s greatest actors, including “straight man” George Clooney. Via Huffington Post:

“[George] Clooney thinks that, provided he does films which are politically committed, he’s allowed to do Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13”, he says. “But the Ocean’s movies are a cancer to world culture. They’re destroying us.”

And Clooney the man? “He’s not the brightest spark on the boulevard. He’ll be president one day. Mark my words, if he’s straight, he’ll be president.”

Meanwhile, Everett describes Diane Keaton, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and other heavyweights as “parodies of themselves”. No word on what Everett thinks of himself.

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  • abelincoln

    That’s completely irresponsible…
    to include Clooney as one of the greatest actors.

  • Meeg

    Because The Next Best Thing was such a masterpiece.

    If he still has a publicist she needs to keep him away from microphones.

  • james

    This from a man who has “Dunston Checks In” and “Inspector Gadget” on his resume…

  • afrolito

    Umm…absolutely everything he said is true, and the catty comments here, and on the Huffington Post prove what ignorant sheep the masses are.

    Comments like his always come across as jealous sniping (and it probably is up to a point), but the underlying truth is clear.

  • james_boston

    First the bitchy comments directed at his former friends Madonna, Julia Roberts & Sharon Stone. Then the comment about how if he was straight he’d be coked up and hiring hookers all day long but being gay he doesn’t and now this. Since he likes spreading rumors, let me bring up the one about how when he and Madonna were best girlfriends, they would get drugged up (presumably on coke), then they would drug her boyfriend at the time Carlos what’s-his-name (the model she used to date)and when the poor guy was sedated/passed out, she would let Rupert have sex with the poor guy. “Having sex” doesn’t sound right. Let’s actually call it what it was, Rape. And now this wrinkly old queen is suddenly the moral arbiter of Hollywood? He’s so hypocritical he must be a Republican!

    Or maybe he’s bitter ’cause his best girlfriends all dumped his sorry ass.

  • ProfessorVP

    I would change the quote to this, and I’d believe it: If George Clooney is perceived as straight, he’ll be president.

  • chandler in lasvegas

    OMG, Everett looks like he should be an Dorian Grey’s attic. My momma said that drugs and alcohol leave their foot prints across your face…

  • dons888

    Such a sad person. And so bitter about it. It takes a toll on his face too.

  • Jack Jett

    He really is making me re-evaluate my own jaded and bitter lifestyle.

  • [email protected]

    Christ. Ever since his career tanked 20 years ago he’s been wondering the planet bitching. Up your AZT you trainwreck and take a nap.

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